Today Marks The End of Second Life

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I’ve developed a bit of a reputation as a Doom-Sayer and all-around fun-killer when it comes to Second Life. Some of that has been earned I guess, but until today I’ve never actually predicted the imminent demise of Second Life. Today I am doing just that. Second Life is dead. There is no more hope. Cash out your Linden Dollars as fast as you can. Backup your creations and start looking for another Virtual World to inhabit. Today! NOW!

And why is it I raise such an alarm? Why is it that today I’ve decided that we must shuffle off this virtual coil with all due haste?

Because Linden Lab just killed Second Life.

How To Kill A Company

I’ve been involved, all TOO involved at times, with technology-based and Internet-based companies for the past four decades (give or take). Never once in any of those companies has there ever been a moment where the doors were open and we actually believed we had a tomorrow that we did not also have an active Tech Support effort. There’s lots of reasons you need one, but the primary reason is that in order to survive in a technical market a company must provide an active and functional means for its customers to resolve issues.

Humans are humans, after all, and they need to be shown the path to the solution every now and then. Whether that’s answering emails, phone calls, doorbells or hand-written letters, there has to be an effective means for people to report issues and get them resolved.

But more to the point, when a company STOPS answering support questions, shuts down or curtails the channels that their customers use to obtain support and guidance, that company has also just completely closed the door on any future sales and absolutely thrown away any hope of survival.

Linden Lab just did exactly that.

The JIRA System – And How To Totally Fuck It Up

Since the day I was first “born” into Second Life, I have been aware of the Second Life JIRA System. My computer had a down-level video driver and my initial attempts to log in and see anything were thwarted by massive jaggy ugly rendering artifacts that made everyone look like they had spikes coming out of their heads. Here are some screenshots I took of the problems I was seeing.

So how did I resolve this problem? I was sent to the JIRA by the lady that introduced me to Second Life. I did a quick search for the name of my video card and on the general issue of “Video Problems” and found a number of bug reports and comments from other residents that guided me to the exact download page to get updated drivers and instructions on how to fix the issues I was having.

I downloaded the new drivers, ran the SL Viewer again and PRESTO!! Success! I could finally see the “Real” virtual world of Second Life.

Had I not been able to search the JIRA, or had there been no knowledge of the JIRA in my lady friend, I would have done exactly as I threatened at the outset … closed the SL Viewer, logged out and told her “it’s cool that you think SL is neat, but I can’t see it so screw it.”

Now, guess what Linden Lab has done to the JIRA system?

Oh hell .. don’t bother guessing. It’s too fucking stupid to ask anyone smart enough to read to guess. Just go read it yourself.

ANNOUNCEMENT – We have updated the bug submission process. To file a bug, use the new BUG project. More information can be found in the Blog

No One Exists In Second Life … But You!

This is, in essence, what Linden Lab is saying by removing the ability to use the JIRA System to share problem reports and the solutions to those. Because every bug report is now not only completely personalized to you and your exact situation, and because each bug report is now completely private and totally invisible to everyone else, Linden Lab is telling everyone that the one most important aspect of Second Life is no longer of value and must be done away with.

And what is that one absolutely crucial, cannot survive without it attribute?


No Man Is An Island – But Every Avatar Is A Problem

By cutting off each and every bug report from Community Involvement, Linden Lab is signalling their displeasure with our ability to share thoughts, solutions, opinions and ideas about the various technical and operational issues that we all run into from time to time. They are building even bigger walls than ever before. And they are destroying all pretense of giving a damn about Second Life.

While some have said that they have actually multiplied their Technical Support issues by many times (with some wild-hare estimates being in the 1000’s of times worse), I believe otherwise. By making each Bug Report private and visible only to the original reporter, they have given themselves the perfect out to ignore everything. And they will too.

Prior to this change, the Labbies have on many occasions ignored issues because other members of the Community answered them. Or they pointed people that filed new JIRA Issues to look at someone else’s report for an answer. Now they cannot do that. While this may seem like it’s increased their support load by a lot because now they have to type the same damn answer to every single Issue … excuse me … “Bug” report, they will instead rapidly devolve into marking everything as “Been Triaged” status … and leaving it there to die the death of neglect. Shortly after that, they won’t touch a single new Bug at all.

And that will be the last day anything gets fixed in Second Life.

Next Steps – What You Should Do

It boils down to a very simple list.

  1. Cash out your Linden Dollars as rapidly as you can.
  2. Save all your builds in an offline format.
  3. Backup all your hand-written scripts.
  4. Abandon your Sims and Rental Land.
  5. Look for somewhere else to enjoy Virtual Worlds.

Yeah, I’m being very dramatic and some are gonna come along and smack me for foretelling DOOM and GLOOM .. AGAIN! But keep in mind this is the very first time I’ve actually said “I see the end.” And guess what folks … I see the end.

So if you like living in, creating in and enjoying life in a Virtual World … now is your chance to find one that will be here by this time next year. Because honestly .. Second Life won’t.

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10 Comments on Today Marks The End of Second Life

  1. Crap Mariner on Thu, 6th Sep 2012 10:53 PM
  2. *sigh* But it was the *best* butter.


  3. WADE1 Jya on Fri, 7th Sep 2012 2:49 AM
  4. Way ahead of you on that “what you should do” list 🙂

    Except the sims thing. My sims are strangely sustainable in the midst of the wreckage LL continually drops on us. Always have been. Pure luck I suppose… eye of the hurricane perhaps? I dunno…

    Also “Step 5” as you say… personally I don’t feel the need for the intermediary of somebody else’s “virtual world” to express my skills inside of anymore. Bust loose I say 🙂

    Anyway I think you have the right idea here. Do what LL is doing and spend 100% of your time developing non-SL products. LL don’t believe in SL anymore so it’s obviously going nowhere.

  5. yoshiko Fazuku on Fri, 7th Sep 2012 6:29 AM
  6. Come to Avination ( We want your bug reports and we want you to share them and yell at us if we don’t fix them. Help us help you and if we cant help you then help yourselves. We will always have a bug tracker. No sane community oriented service can survive with out one. For some reason we have difficulty getting people to tell us what bugs they find. Perhaps they are so used to LL ignoring them so much on SL they figure nothing will happen. I just don’t know. 🙁

  7. Lani Global on Fri, 7th Sep 2012 6:53 AM
  8. There, there
    No need to worry your sweet little avatar about what LL does with its cute little Jira.

    Just get yourself a “Second LifeBoat” for gawdsake!
    a.k.a. OpenSim region

    Fill it full of all your goodies. Invite your friends.

  9. I Feel Sorry For You Rodvik : DGP4SL Blog on Fri, 7th Sep 2012 7:02 AM
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  11. Jon Nielsen on Fri, 7th Sep 2012 5:03 PM
  12. I’m with Lani on this one… Running 4 sims in, not costing me a cent.

    Granted I have a third of the inventory I have in SL, but I’ve been there since 2005

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  13. Yordie Sands on Mon, 10th Sep 2012 1:28 PM
  14. I agree.

    I’m one of those who still looks back at the Mark Kingdon debacle and wonders how LL survived its own stupidity. I’m one of those who’ll never forgive the Lab for the V2 debacle (and its legacy lives, btw). But even with LL’s indifference to SL9B and SLCC2012, I still couldn’t believe the Lab didn’t care about its customers. It took this JIRA stupidity (it doesn’t really rate ‘debacle’) for me to see that this LL board “doesn’t give a rats ass” (to use my exes fav phrase) about us.

    I prefer to rise above my irritations, enjoy SL and just keep moving forward. Unfortunately, I’m currently struggling to find a way to continue to enjoy my favorit SL activity but as you point out, why bother to file a bug report or a support ticket.

    I’ve been close to following your advice during the past week. I’m going to take a deliberate approach and begin exploring alternatives.

    First, you’ve inspired me to fire off one of my missles on my blog.

    […] “Today Marks The End of Second Life” is the title of a blog post by Darrius Gothly. I recommend reading it but I don’t recommend going all the way with his plan, which includes: “4)Abandon your Sims and Rental Land.” But since this whole JIRA thing started getting to me, at least I’m considering ”5) Look for somewhere else to enjoy Virtual Worlds.” Was September 6th the end of SL? […]