Return of the Teleporter Store ~ With a Twist

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New Teleporter Store on Midnight OasisSome months ago I was forced to close the last of my In-World locations. Thanks to the good graces of a long-time SL Friend, I’ve been allowed to open a small parcel on the Midnight Oasis region owned by Island Oasis Properties. But this time I’m going at things from a slightly different angle.

Teleporters With a Twist

Not long ago another friend contacted me with some scripting requests. I’ve pretty much stopped doing on-demand or custom scripting work, but one of the things mentioned sounded like a neat idea. So I grabbed it and ran with it. Basically it’s a way to rapidly connect visitors to locations both In-World and out.

For the new Teleporter Store, I’ve used the new device to construct Link Boards on each of the store’s four levels. Each one contains a simple link to the Marketplace product page for the product shown. The Teleporters that are available are arranged within the device as Previous/Next selections.

It still needs some signage and other accessories; I’m just barely beginning. But it’s a different way to connect people to a method of purchasing. By using the Marketplace as the sole delivery mechanism, I’m guaranteeing that all deliveries are made and recorded (and if not, I have someone to yell at). Since I’m also using ANS and the iGlom Redelivery System then all sales can also be automatically redelivered at any time by the customer.

HyperMenu and HyperMenu Pro

If this works out, and when I can actually access my new VMM-based store, I’ll put the devices up for sale. They can do a LOT more than what I’m using them for here. Each HyperMenu can contain up to 12 links; each link may be either a SLurl or an external URL. The Pro version allows the inclusion of multiple Menus, each one containing its own display image and description and 12 unique links.

Please stop by the shop and see how it works for you. I’m anxious to hear any feedback, especially gripes, complaints and “you should have…” comments.

The store can be found by following my VLMVW Virtual Landmarks

HyperMenu Pro Sales Link Board

Visit the DGP4SL Store on SL Marketplace


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