Further Thoughts on Virtual Land and Second Life

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Apparently there are a lot of strong emotions tied up in Virtual Land. Stands to reason I guess since RL Land has been the cause of a lot of spilled blood over the eons, we might as well continue the tradition by spilling innocent pixels over the Metaverse too. My previous blog post “Changes in the Virtual Land Market in Second Life” caused quite a few folks to choose up sides and start lobbing blog bombs at each other. After all the hoo-hah died out though, a lot of good information started coming in. From that information I’ve had occasion to do a lot of thinking about Virtual Land, Second Life, Linden Lab and the future of them all. This blog entry is a result of that information and thinking. Continue reading “Further Thoughts on Virtual Land and Second Life” »»

Changes in the Virtual Land Market in Second Life

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One of the biggest hullabaloo’s going on in Second Life is the massive land rush. However, unlike most land rushes, this one is in reverse. People are abandoning entire Sims, Sim Owners are feeling the pinch more and more, and worst of all, the margins on land ownership are at an all time low. People are screaming that this has to stop … but no one seems to know why it’s happening or how to put the brakes on it.

Well, I have a theory (don’t I always? LOL) and in this blog I am going to lay it out for you to ponder. As usual, I may be totally off-base, but hang with me to the end anyway. I always put a cupcake at the end as a reward.

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Do Web Sales of Virtual Goods Harm In-World Sales?

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There have been a number of posts in various blogs and forums asserting that promotion of web-based sales of virtual goods for Second Life has had a dramatic and damaging effect on in-world sales. The position taken in those posts is that by drawing people away from in-world sales, by promoting and “improving” their web-based sales portal (Xstreet now, Marketplace soon) that Linden Lab has in effect been competing with themselves. As evidence, the posters hold up statistics showing a decrease of in-world sales and a corresponding increase of web-based sales. The bottom line theory is that any facilities that enable people to stay out of Second Life are, in the final tally, harmful to the growth and vitality of Second Life and thus damaging to the whole.

I will not argue that the share of sales ¬†seems to have been tipping toward favoring web-base sales, but every time I read one of those posts, it just doesn’t ring true for me. On the face I cannot dispute the statistics they present, but I can’t help but wonder … are the shifting sales habits driving the numbers or are they reflecting other factors that affect where and how people shop? Continue reading “Do Web Sales of Virtual Goods Harm In-World Sales?” »»

The Farmer and the City Slicker

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Tell ya a little story I heard some years back .. might be useful, might not. (Hey, it’s free, might be worth every penny. LOL)

One day a farmer was standing out in his field, leaned up against the fence post, idly staring at the clouds and feeling the wind on his face. All of a sudden a hot new sports car races up and screeches to a halt, throwing smoke and dust all over the farmer. The driver leans partway out the window and addresses the farmer.

“Hey, you, Hayseed. Do you know the way to town?”

The farmer slowly brushes the dust off his coveralls, eyes the city slicker up and down a few times, then answers him, “Yup, sure do.”

The city slicker, obviously in a hurry, sputters for a moment then barks out, “So? Which way?”

The farmer pauses a second, glances up at the clouds, eyes the trees on the other side of the valley, then points down the road and says, “That way. But you might wanna wait till tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah? And why is that?”

“Well, cuz the bridge might be out.”

Obviously amused, the city slicker slams his foot to the floor and roars off in the direction of town.

About three hours later, the city slicker comes walking around the bend in the road, his clothes tattered, hair mussed, and obviously drenched from head to foot. He marches right up to the farmer and nearly shouts at him.

“Very funny hayseed. Just how did you know the bridge was out? Did you read the clouds or did the trees talk to you? Just how did you know?”

The farmer puts his hand over his eyes, glances up at the sky again then peers off across the valley. He takes a deep breath and slowly explains, “Nope .. didn’t read the clouds or listen to the trees.”

“Okay, fine! I don’t care. Keep it to yourself then.”

As the city slicker begins to stomp off, the farmer continues on, “I knew cuz the last guy went down that road walked back and told me so.” Continue reading “The Farmer and the City Slicker” »»