Depths of Corporate Boneheadity

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This post has nothing to do with with Second Life or DG Products for Second Life .. but it’s just something I gotta share. If nothing else, let this prove that totally boneheaded, absent a freakin clue, what on EARTH were you thinking corporate decisions are not the exclusive property of Linden Lab.

My internet provider, Time Warner Cable, decided a few years ago that it would be “more convenient” for me to STOP paying them the same way I pay everyone else .. with automatic bill pay from my bank’s online services .. and instead required me to log into THEIR site, sign up for a new account, step through a few more hoops and give them access to my bank account so they could take the money whenever they wanted. Huh?

What they MEANT was, it was more convenient for them to overbill me, take any amount of money they chose .. and then ignore anyone that has a billing question. More convenient? Yeah, for them!

I refused, told them to mail me paper statements, and have paid them late by one month ever since. (Never far enough out to incur late charges, just enough to make their cash flow management really annoying.)

Today I received ANOTHER email from them. Guess what? They’re going to make it MORE convenient again. They’re now requiring I sign up for yet ANOTHER new account on yet ANOTHER new website to jump through even MORE new hoops. The email contains this sentence:

“We thought it was only natural for you to be able to pay your bill and manage your account in the same place — so we made it easier. “

Nah .. what is natural is for me to pay the bill at the same place I pay all my other bills … MORONS! *facepalm*