DGP4SL SEO Tools Outage – 24-June-2011 – FIXED!

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NOTICE! As of approximately 10am Monday, 27th June 2011 the block has been removed. Cross your fingers that we don’t run into this again.

Sometime around 2pm SLT on Friday, 24th June 2011 all access to the secondlife.com web services was blocked by Linden Lab. Unfortunately this has rendered all routine functions of the DGP4SL SEO Tools inoperable. This is a temporary problem and should be cleared up soon.

This is NOT due to problems between Linden Lab and DG Products for Second Life. It is simply a temporary malfunction and should be remedied soon.

During the outage, all SEO Tools (Search Bot, Spider Catcher, SRAP HUD and Spim Prammer) will report Error 404 (or similar). This has been done to “clear” the channel between the two web servers. As soon as the access block is cleared, all SEO Tools will be restored to full service.

DO NOT change anything in your tools, edit the Config notecards or delete and rez new copies. This error is between two web servers and has nothing to do with any In-World Devices.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We have notified Linden Lab of the error, however because this occurred late Friday afternoon, the problem may not be cleared until Monday. If you wish to help speed up the repair, please go to the Second Life JIRA and Vote / Watch the following Issue:

Access to ALL secondlife.com web services from dgp4sl.com domain have been blocked

DIASPORA – Disassembling Facebook

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(Slight detour today folks. I’ve bumped into something that totally enthralls me … so I’m writing about it today. I promise I’ll return to discussing Second Life In-World Search in the next post.)

If you haven’t yet heard of Facebook then no doubt you’ve stumbled across a printout of my blog fluttering in the wind on some post-apocalyptic world of the future. (In which case please let me know if Twinkies and cockroaches really do survive the nuclear holocaust.) But I’m going to go on the assumption that you’ve at least heard of Facebook and most likely either use it yourself or have someone in your household that does. You’ve also probably at some point in time shaken your fist at the Social Media giant because of some crazy decision or change they’ve made.
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Making In-World Search More Relevant

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In several of my recent posts, I have mentioned different ways to improve In-World Search in ways that extend beyond what exists today. Basically that means adding features and functions to In-World Search that do not currently exist. While that’s a grand goal, it’s also pretty much a pipe dream. Why? Well, Linden Lab has a long-standing reputation of “Doing It Our Way”. Actually, it’s more like “Doing It Anyway EXCEPT Your Way”. Not to single them out as if they’re the only tech-based company to behave that way … because they aren’t. In fact, if anything, they are more the norm in that manner than the exception.

But with that despairingly blunt introduction, there are things that can be done without extending or adding to the existing services and infrastructure. They need to shift their perspective just a bit, gain a better understanding of what really is “Out There” (inside Second Life) and accept the well-proven truth that damage to In-World Search is directly traceable right to damage in Linden Lab’s purse. Once they do that, internalizing and implementing some of the ideas I present below should be a simple matter of “Git ‘er done!”
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New Search Magic Formula

As promised, as soon as I have a beginning idea how to rank higher in the new In-World Search, I would blog about it so others could benefit. Well, I still haven’t succeeded in getting anywhere adapting my SEO Tools to the new Search, but I’ve figured out how to make it work for you anyway. So, you wanna learn the “Magic Formula”?
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Of Babies and Bath Water

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Roughly eight years ago, an idea was born onto the Internet. That idea, the brainchild of Philip Rosedale, was christened Second Life. It was one of those sociological experiments, but at the same time it was a technological experiment as well. Philip felt in his heart that using a Virtual 3D World could help bring all peoples of the world a little closer to each other; that it could alleviate some of the distance and conflict between differing peoples. He also felt that giving them the brushes and the canvas on which to paint any picture they wanted, they would grow and expand and create new things of inestimable value and beauty.

It didn’t take that long, looking back over the years now, to see that his ideals were far-reaching and difficult to obtain. But to the credit of he and his early team, they achieved a very high percentage of their initial goals. Not only that, but it turned out that a large segment of the Internet’s population agreed with those goals. They came to Second Life, took up the challenges that Second Life offered … and promptly set about building a world that amazed and enchanted many.
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The DG Rug Flyer – Our Newest Teleporter

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It’s been some time since we released a new product that wasn’t tightly tied to SL In-World Search, but we’ve done it now! Based on our very popular DG Flyer series Teleporters, the DG Rug Flyer adds that whimsical touch you’ve been looking for to finish off your Gorean or similar RP Sim.
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Thinking Past the Edges of My Skin

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I was watching a show last night on the Science Channel titled “Through The Wormhole“. Hosted by Morgan Freeman, the show is an excellent low-impact introduction to some of the more dicey concepts of modern science. They tackle subjects primarily on the “edges” and have interviews and cameos from names most folks have never heard of, but they do a very reasonable job of delving deeper into these otherwise mystical disciplines. In my opinion, Morgan Freeman and their writing/production staff do a very excellent job teaching and satisfying the human curiosity. But …
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Rental Beam – Beam Your Rentals to the Web

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Every once in a while I actually stop complaining about stuff and take the time to create something new. One of my passions is tying together the Virtual World of Second Life with the “Outside” world of websites and data management. The latest product from DG Products for Second Life does exactly that … connect the inner workings of Second Life to easy-to-navigate World Wide Web. If you run a Property Rental business in Second Life and you need a way to bring your available properties to your customers, look no further than Rental Beam for SL.

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Sales are Sales are Sales

Those of you waiting for another in my series of posts on In-World Search … I’m sorry but today’s post is on a related but tangential topic. However, since I am the very best blogger in the known universe, you might as well read anyway. Shoot, you might even learn something new. (And if not, I promise I’ll give full refunds for every Monopoly dollar spent reading this. Honest!)

There are two “Camps” within the boundaries of Second Life (like we really need more opposing groups in the world) but they are firmly entrenched, have strong and sensible arguments on their sides, and tend to lock horns with each other from time to time .. usually in the spotlight of a forum or other public venue. Today’s post is my effort to offer a method of merging these two groups into one cohesive whole AND fix another of the problems plaguing Second Life and Linden Lab in the process. Yeah, I’m a dreamer. But if you’re gonna aim, aim high … right?
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How It Should Work: In-World Search Part 2

In Part 1 (How It Should Work: In-World Search) I went through a rather extensive justification for why In-World Search is a Tool to be used by Merchants and Sellers in Second Life. If you haven’t taken the time to read that yet, please do so now. I know it’s a long read, but it will help you understand the basis for a lot of what I discuss in this post.

Now that you’re up to speed with the introduction stuff, let’s begin from this basic observation: The tools and methods for advertising your products in Second Life are paltry at best and non-existent at worst. In an environment that derives a large amount of its livelihood (and income) from a commerce driven system, that’s an omission that is unforgivable. So let’s tackle ways in which Linden Lab can remedy that problem as they relate to In-World Search.
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