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Every once in a while I actually stop complaining about stuff and take the time to create something new. One of my passions is tying together the Virtual World of Second Life with the “Outside” world of websites and data management. The latest product from DG Products for Second Life does exactly that … connect the inner workings of Second Life to easy-to-navigate World Wide Web. If you run a Property Rental business in Second Life and you need a way to bring your available properties to your customers, look no further than Rental Beam for SL.

Cross the Finish Line

You’ve already automated as much of your Property Rental business as you can. You own the hippoRENT system from Hippo Technologies and it handles almost everything you need to do. But what it doesn’t handle is perhaps the most important step, publishing your available properties to the web. What you need is a way to post your listings on your website in real-time, without having to fuss around with updating them every time someone rents or leaves.

But you want more than just raw listings. Customer Service is important to you as well. So you want prospective tenants to have as much information about your properties as they can. Things like live Region Maps that show the Sim and where the properties are located, click-thru links that open the tenant’s Viewer with a Landmark directly to the Rental Box, and all the basic details like number of prims and the weekly/monthly rent.

From time to time, you run special offers and you need a quick way to highlight featured properties. Some of your properties have specific restrictions too, like “residential only” or “perfect for breedables”.

And just because your business is important to you, there has to be a way to know how many people are looking at your listings. You need to know what listings they visit and which ones they eventually rent. Those statistics are important, and if there was a way to export them to a spreadsheet, that would be even better.

Ready, Willing and More Than Able

If all of the above sounds like a dream solution then you can stop dreaming, because it’s here now. Rental Beam for SL from DG Products for Second Life provides all of the features you need to put the finishing touch on your web presence. Real-time listings of your available properties (in two different formats, tabular and graphical), simple web-based management, multiple sort levels, special comments and highlighting per property, full property details … the features go on and on. Best of all, adding the Rental Beam listings to your website takes one simple line of HTML code. There’s no fancy web-geek knowledge needed. We’ll even help you integrate them into your site as part of the system purchase.

We didn’t stop with just providing real-time data though, because we understand that knowing what your customers want is every bit as important as putting your best foot forward. So we added click and visitor tracking statistics as well. The statistics reports help you see what properties are “Hot” today and can even tell you how many visitors to your site actually convert into tenants. If you’re the type that likes to massage the data offline as well, the Rental Beam system provides full export to MS Excel spreadsheet format for all of the statistics reports.

Available at the Second Life Marketplace

There’s much more to the Rental Beam system than I will list here. When you’re ready to take your Land Rental business to the next level, visit the Marketplace and purchase the Rental Beam system. As always, if you have any questions, you can write to me via Email or by Instant Message in Second Life.

Rental Beam – Beam Your Rentals to the Web


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