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It’s been some time since we released a new product that wasn’t tightly tied to SL In-World Search, but we’ve done it now! Based on our very popular DG Flyer series Teleporters, the DG Rug Flyer adds that whimsical touch you’ve been looking for to finish off your Gorean or similar RP Sim.

The Good Old plus the Good New Too

Over the past two years, the DG Flyer Series has been among the most popular and successful Teleporters in Second Life. Rapid response, super easy installation, and a reputation for reliability that cannot be beaten, the DG Flyer has built a large and very loyal following. So when it came time to develop a new Teleporter, we took all the popular features of the DG Flyer and pressed on from there.

Lag is an issue in any Sim these days. Although we all do our best to keep it to a minimum, the truth is that often times you just cannot avoid it. So rather than just grump and grouse about it, with the release of the DG Rug Flyer, we’re unveiling our solution .. “Relaxed Mode” operation.

The DG Rug Flyer will automatically detect when your Sim is running slow. Rather than fail (like most Teleporters do) or operate erratically, the DG Rug Flyer clicks into a special mode of operation we call “Relaxed Mode”. In this new mode, the DG Rug Flyer is more forgiving of Sim Lag, gives up a bit more of the (very tiny) resources it needs … in short it adapts to the situation rather than fights against it. This tiny change results in a new high level of dependability that is unmatched in SL Teleporters.

And Now For Something Completely Different…

We’ve also been asked many times to come up with a new design that could fit well into any home or RP decor yet was simple to use. It had to be “pretty” but it had to work too. So we did it. The new DG Rug Flyer looks like a … well like a rug. (DUH?) When sitting idle waiting to be used, it looks the same as any other standard floor covering you will encounter in Second Life. Yet when it’s time to teleport away, the same convenient “Click to Sit” operation that has made the DG Flyer series so popular is still there.

And just like the regular DG Flyer and DG Flyer ST teleporters, the DG Rug Flyer has all the same operational features too. Because it’s Copyable, you need only purchase one .. ever. You can then put as many Flyer Networks on your Sim or Parcel as you desire. Each Flyer Net can still contain up to 12 distinct destinations. We even keep the ability to “Lock” a destination so only specific people can see it in the menu and teleport there using the Rug Flyer.

See It In-World For Yourself

The DG Rug Flyer is currently available at our In-World Teleporter Store only, but will soon be listed on Marketplace as well. But if you can’t wait and you’re anxious to try out the newest and arguable best Teleporter in Second Life, come on over and take a test ride. The DG Rug Flyer (along with all our other “Click to Sit” and “One-Touch” Teleporters) can be seen, touched, tested and purchased from:

The DGP4SL Teleporter Store – Best Teleporters, Only Teleporters

Visit the DGP4SL Store on SL Marketplace


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