[Sent From Offline]

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One of the most misstated “Truths” about Second Life is the assertion that “my IMs got capped so I didn’t get your message.” In fact, there are some very simple things you can do to make sure you never miss an IM (Instant Message) and can even reply to them … even when you’re not logged in to Second Life. If you’ve ever sent me an IM while I was offline, chances are pretty good you’ve even seen this in action.
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Thursday, July 28th, 2011 – The Day After In-World Search Changed Forever. (again)

Overnight the results presented by In-World Search have changed for everyone. Some will be ecstatic at the results, some will be decimated. Since the changes took effect (and actually since just a few hours before they kicked in) I’ve been answering IM after IM from people frantic to find out what they should do now. To be totally honest, I’m not sure yet. But then again, that’s exactly how Linden Lab wants it.
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Neurons on the Second Life Grid

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In the early heyday of Second Life, the money and marketing gurus of Linden Lab did their level best to sell the concept of a Virtual World presence to Big Businesses. Call it what you will, but they actually did a pretty reasonable job of enticing a number of those Big Businesses too. Companies like Coca-Cola, IBM and many others took on the task of building their own corporate presence inside the 3D environment of Second Life. The only problem was … they failed to actually capitalize on that investment.

There have been almost as many theories as to why those efforts failed as there are pundits to express them, but during a conversation with a friend on a totally unrelated topic the other day, a new idea … actually a new way of looking at Second Life … sort of put the whole thing into perspective for me. So being the blabbermouth (and also totally fascinated with my own perfection in my opinions LOL), I decided I’d put this idea out here and let y’all chew me up.
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Timetable for Changes to In-World Search

This past Tuesday afternoon, Nya Linden of the Search Dev Team made a relatively quiet but monumental post on the Second Life Forums. Titled “Search Back-end Engine Update“, the details she laid out set a concrete timeline for changes to the In-World Search service that so many Merchants depend on. As of this writing, there have been no comments or replies to her post, I think partly because it’s posted in the SL Viewer Forum, but also because I’m not sure everyone understands what it means and how it will affect them and their businesses. In today’s post, I will be digging into the full meaning and ramifications of the (rapidly) upcoming changes.
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In-World Search – V2 Search Bot Released!

Everyone has been holding their breath, waiting to see how they rank in the new V2 Search announced by Linden Lab. If Search is important to you (and if you want to find anything in Second Life, it should be) then you’ve probably been checking the V2 results and trying to compare them against the old V1 results. Some say they’re better, some say worse, but no matter which way you feel, you need to know how your store ranks.

Released today is our first product that works with V2 Search – our popular Search Bot. Available in two packages, Search Bot V2 1.0 maintains all the same popular features of the previous Search Bot v2.8. The basic package contains just the V2 version Search Bot, however we’ve also released a Combo BOX that contains both V1 and V2 version Search Bots at a savings of L$250.

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In-World Search – Bad News and Good News

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As most everyone is aware these days, Linden Lab has announced the end of their GSA-based In-World Search service and the upcoming release of a new SOLR/Lucene based version. As these two versions are roughly associated with different versions of the SL Viewer, the GSA-based Search is commonly referred to as “V1 Search” while the new Lucene-based Search is called “V2 Search”.

Not too long ago the DG Products for Second Life (DGP4SL) SEO Tools were offline as a result of being blocked from using the Search Services at secondlife.com. After a good bit of conversation with the LL Search Dev team, we’ve made some changes that should help performance going forward and made significant strides in getting ready for the new V2 Search as well. In today’s post I’ll address the changes released today and the path going forward as well.
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Venetian Blinds – Style, Beauty and Automation

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You’ve spent a long time perfecting the look of your latest build. Every seam matches, every texture lines up just right, it’s the best you’ve ever made … but still something more is needed. It needs that extra something that will set it apart from every other build, but it has to be something that won’t blow the lid off the Prim Count or take forever to install. And it has to be Full Permissions too, because you’re going to sell your Masterpiece and whatever you pick has to go with the build.

You’re in luck. DG Products for Second Life has exactly the right accent piece to finish your new structure in style … Venetian Blinds. Fully operational, the DGP4SL Venetian Blind works with a single touch. Rich in detail, the Venetian Blind not only adds the classy look of this popular window treatment, but measures up to even the most finicky of designers. It even includes a Remote Control for operation from a Central Location. The Venetian Blinds can be configured to operate by themselves or in Groups too, allowing you a maximum amount of flexibility without increasing the complexity of your build in the least.

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New Slide Show Released – Update Announced

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One of our most popular products has been the 1-Prim Slide Show from DGP4SL. Unlike most low-cost (or no-cost) Slide Shows, the 1-Prim Slide Show uses special technology to totally eliminate those annoying “fuzzy image” transitions. Since we released our first model over a year ago, the product has received outstanding reviews and sales beyond our wildest imaginings. Well, it’s about time we did some updates.

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The Lying Thieving Bastards of Second Life

Yup, you heard me right … Lying … Thieving … Bastards … and they’re in Second Life! (zomg!) In fact, you probably know one. No, strike that, you know a LOT of them. Want to see them listed? Want to find a ready-made guaranteed list of every single cheater, liar, thief, cut-throat, scammer, spammer, crook in Second Life?

Pull up your Friends List.
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