In-World Search – V2 Search Bot Released!

Everyone has been holding their breath, waiting to see how they rank in the new V2 Search announced by Linden Lab. If Search is important to you (and if you want to find anything in Second Life, it should be) then you’ve probably been checking the V2 results and trying to compare them against the old V1 results. Some say they’re better, some say worse, but no matter which way you feel, you need to know how your store ranks.

Released today is our first product that works with V2 Search – our popular Search Bot. Available in two packages, Search Bot V2 1.0 maintains all the same popular features of the previous Search Bot v2.8. The basic package contains just the V2 version Search Bot, however we’ve also released a Combo BOX that contains both V1 and V2 version Search Bots at a savings of L$250.

Full Documentation on the DGP4SL Wiki

We like to maintain full documentation of our various SEO Tools on our Wiki. When versions are released and products are updated, you can always check the Wiki for the latest details. If you have questions about how Search Bot V2 works or what it can do for you, we recommend you take a look at the full Search Bot V2 documentation there.

Visit our Main Store in Second Life

All of our SEO Tools are available from our Main Store in Second Life. You’ll find the new Search Bot V2 as well as the Combo BOX containing both V1 and V2 versions. We also have our SRAP HUD and Spim Prammer available there.

Visit the DGP4SL Main Store in Second Life

Available from the Second Life Marketplace

We also sell our SEO Tools on the new Second Life Marketplace. You can view our complete selection of DGP4SL SEO Tools on SL Marketplace.

Visit the DGP4SL Store on SL Marketplace


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