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One of our most popular products has been the 1-Prim Slide Show from DGP4SL. Unlike most low-cost (or no-cost) Slide Shows, the 1-Prim Slide Show uses special technology to totally eliminate those annoying “fuzzy image” transitions. Since we released our first model over a year ago, the product has received outstanding reviews and sales beyond our wildest imaginings. Well, it’s about time we did some updates.

Two Transition Styles

The original 1-Prim Slide Show used a type of transition (how it changes from picture to picture) that we call our “Insta-Flip” technology. That means that when it’s time to change to the next picture in the show, the new image instantly replaces the old one. This feature alone earned the 1-Prim Slide Show its most praise. Our customers not only liked the instantaneous change between images, but they love being able to give them out as gifts of special occasions because we make our Slide Shows FULL PERM!

But not everyone liked the *snap* change from image to image. Some folks wanted something a bit more fluid, a bit smoother and a bit more artistic. So after a lot of prodding and encouragement (okay, and some nagging too .. LOL) we’ve now released a second version of the 1-Prim Slide Show – Fade2Black. This new transition style Slide Show changes between images by slowly fading the current image to a full black screen, then slowly fading the new image to full color.

While We’re Tinkering

But we didn’t stop there. The previous version 1-Prim Slide Show would only handle about 200 images at a time. For most folks, that’s enough. But for a few it wasn’t even close … so we fixed that too. The new 1-Prim Slide Shows (both the Insta-Flip and Fade2Black styles) now handle an unlimited number of images. If you can put them in the Contents tab of the Slide Show, it will show them.

And We Kept The Rest

We kept all the popular features too. The 1-Prim Slide Shows still have an easily settable delay time that lets you control how long each image is displayed. We also kept the One-Touch Resize feature that lets you easily resize the Slide Show and keep the same Aspect Ratio so your pictures won’t look squashed or stretched. Of course, they’re both still full permissions (the script inside is not modifiable though) so you can fill your Slide Show with your favorite Transferable images and give them out as gifts or keepsakes of those special events.

New Commercial Licensing

Over the past year, we’ve been asked many times about license requirements to use the DGP4SL 1-Prim Slide Show with a commercial photography business or other commercial purpose. We decided it’s time to lock in the rules .. so here they are.

We ask that if you are using the DGP4SL 1-Prim Slide Show to showcase or distribute your commercial pictures, or as part of a package that you sell to someone else, that you purchase a “Bulk Package” from us directly. The Bulk Package is priced at ten times the normal price (L$750) and entitles you to give out unlimited copies of the 1-Prim Slide Show as long as it includes your images and cannot be used by someone else to load their own images. Please IM Darrius Gothly directly to arrange purchase of a Bulk Package for your business.

See Our Slide Shows In-World

Both the updated Insta-Flip and the new Fade2Black styles of the DGP4SL 1-Prim Slide Shows may be viewed in Second Life by visiting our Main Store:

See Our Slide Shows on the Second Life Marketplace

Want a way to see them online but not In-World? We also sell our Slide Shows at the Second Life Marketplace HERE.

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One Comment on New Slide Show Released – Update Announced

  1. Ruby Silverblade on Mon, 4th Jul 2011 5:03 AM
  2. I think the new slide show frame is excellent, I’m a photograper in sl and find many Linden residents with homes/land are restricted by prims. People love to be able to slide show my photos in one place using one prim, which this product enables them to dachieve I love the fade elliment as it provides a lovely finish and quality to the photos displayed. Well done Darrius.
    Ruby Silverblade (Photo-Gems)