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One of the most misstated “Truths” about Second Life is the assertion that “my IMs got capped so I didn’t get your message.” In fact, there are some very simple things you can do to make sure you never miss an IM (Instant Message) and can even reply to them … even when you’re not logged in to Second Life. If you’ve ever sent me an IM while I was offline, chances are pretty good you’ve even seen this in action.

Send Offline IMs to Email

One of the Dashboard options you can set for Second Life is called “Send Offline IMs to Email”. You can find this setting in your Viewer (after you log in of course) and you can also find it on your SL Dashboard. On your Dashboard the option is near the top and is labeled “I would like to receive offline IMs via Email”. Simply make sure this option is checked on, re-enter your current SL Password to verify that it’s really you, and Presto! You’re all fixed up.

Once you set this option, anytime someone sends you an IM and you are not logged into Second Life, you will receive the full text of the IM in your Email. So that’s great, why does that help?

Replying to Offline IMs

Now that you’ve received an IM while you were offline, you can REPLY! Yup, you heard me right, you can reply directly to it. Best part is, it doesn’t even require any special geeky guru magic or fancy nerdly hand signals. All you do is …

Hit “Reply” on the Email!

Go ahead, wipe that sweat off your brow. I know it’s scary to reply to an email, but it’s safe … I promise. Well okay, it’s sort of safe.

Keeping Your Email Address Private

This is the Most Important Part!! So read up and do this part .. or else. When you hit the “Reply” button on the email message that contains the offline IM, the very first thing you MUST do is delete any leftover text in the outgoing message. That’s right, delete everything that your Email Program puts in there. Usually that’s things like “Original Message sent by” or maybe it quotes the original message, or any number of things. But almost always it will also stick your email address in there as well. That means you MUST delete all that text BEFORE you start typing your actual reply.

What you want to send back is only the text of your reply. ┬áNot only do you want to remove any previous text (and probably your real email address), but you want to save that room for your full reply. Second Life will only accept a reply via email up to a certain size (about 2000 characters). If you leave a lot of extraneous text in your reply, your message might get “bounced” (not delivered) and it might just confuse the living daylights out of your customer.

Let Me ‘Splain Sumthin …

I’ve developed a habit of always starting my replies to offline IMs with this text:

[sent from offline]

I do that so people don’t think I’m online now and then start IMing the tar outta me. By communicating clearly with that intro text that I’m sending them a reply while still offline, they are a bit more tolerant of any delays and they realize that the conversation will be somewhat piecemeal. But I’ve also always found they love getting a reply from me, even when I’m not logged into Second Life. This technique also allows me to reply even when I cannot log in to Second Life.

HINT: Like when I’m stuck using a handheld device that handles email only

No Notecards Please!

The one thing I do NOT like to receive is a Notecard. I do sometimes lose Notecards due to capping and lag issues with Inventory and my Viewer. Yes, I can do the whole “Clear Cache and log in 20,000 times” trick, but why should I bother when I can just get and reply to an IM?

However, if you MUST send me a Notecard, I have a special way to send it to me. In my Main Store is a device I sell called the DG Mailbox. When someone creates a new Notecard, fills it out as normal (TEXT ONLY!!) and then drops it into the DG Mailbox, it will read that Notecard and then send me the text via email. However, since I can’t use the above trick to reply to that email, the only way I can reply is to log in to Second Life and IM you directly. So if you want a quick reply and you DO send me a Notecard by using the DG Mailbox in my store, make sure you include your email address.

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