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You’ve spent a long time perfecting the look of your latest build. Every seam matches, every texture lines up just right, it’s the best you’ve ever made … but still something more is needed. It needs that extra something that will set it apart from every other build, but it has to be something that won’t blow the lid off the Prim Count or take forever to install. And it has to be Full Permissions too, because you’re going to sell your Masterpiece and whatever you pick has to go with the build.

You’re in luck. DG Products for Second Life has exactly the right accent piece to finish your new structure in style … Venetian Blinds. Fully operational, the DGP4SL Venetian Blind works with a single touch. Rich in detail, the Venetian Blind not only adds the classy look of this popular window treatment, but measures up to even the most finicky of designers. It even includes a Remote Control for operation from a Central Location. The Venetian Blinds can be configured to operate by themselves or in Groups too, allowing you a maximum amount of flexibility without increasing the complexity of your build in the least.

Easy Installation

The DGP4SL Venetian Blind is a single-prim scripted object. Installation is as simple as rezzing a copy from your Inventory, sizing and positioning it where desired and setting its Description to control how it operates. Because it’s copyable, you can rez as many copies as you need.

Standalone or Group Operation

When a Venetian Blind is rezzed, it operates by itself. Each time you touch the blind to change it’s setting, only that blind will change. But there are times when you want more than one blind to work together in a group. Called a Control Group, with the DGP4SL Venetian Blind you simply edit the blind and set its Description to the Group Name you wish. Make sure every blind in the Group has the same Description and every time you change any one of the blinds in that Group, every blind will change to the same setting.

Home Automation – Remote Control

Included in the package is a 3-prim Remote Control that can be used to change the setting of the blinds from a central location. Each Control Group can have its own separate Remote Control. The remote also allows direct setting to one of the four values simply by clicking the proper location. (Touching the blind itself steps through all four settings one after the other.)

Built For Builders

Like the rest of the products in our Built for Builders product line, the DGP4SL Venetian Blind can be included with your For Sale build and delivered ready to operate. Best of all, you don’t need to pay license fees or distribution fees for each copy sold. Just purchase once and you can deliver as many copies as you wish.

Available In-World or on Marketplace

The DGP4SL Venetian Blind is available at our Main Store in Second Life, or you may purchase it directly from the Second Life Marketplace as well.

Visit the DGP4SL Store on SL Marketplace


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