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This update to the DGP4SL SEO – Search Bot V2 is a very important release and MUST BE USED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!

Among the many improvements in Search Bot V2 1.0.4, the most important improvement has to do with how Search Bot uses the Second Life In-World Search API. In response to our requests for some simple changes to the API, Linden Lab’s Search Dev Team has made some improvements that significantly optimize our use of the Search Service.

Thumbs Up to the LL Search Dev Team

Before we get started talking about the improvements in this update to Search Bot V2, we owe a big thank you and “Well Done!” to the Search Dev Team at Linden Lab. Several weeks ago we began talking about how the new Search could be improved to better help the residents of Second Life. Just this week they released a change in the API (program interface) that helps significantly reduce usage load on their servers. High-Fives folks … and a hearty Thank You!

Change to Email Format

This update changes the format of the Email messages sent by Search Bot V2 in an effort to improve their readability and reduce the amount of extraneous information included. Prior versions of Search Bot V2 (and the original Search Bot) included three numbers for each current rank result; Page, Slot and Rank. New Search does not use “pages” of 20 results each, so the page number and slot on that page are no longer as important as they were. Beginning with version 1.0.4 the Page and Slot numbers have been removed leaving only the Rank number.

In addition, the Rank Results are now separated into two sections: Changed and Unchanged results. The Changed Results are listed first and include Current Rank (Now), Previous Rank (Was) and the amount of change (Chng +/-). The Search Term is then listed at the end of the line. The Unchanged section then follows and includes only the Current Rank (Now) and Search Term. Either one of these sections may be omitted if not needed. For example, if there were no changes in Search Rank since the last search performed, the Changed section will be omitted and only the Unchanged section will be included.

New Search API Changes

The LL Search Dev Team has modified the new Search API (program interface) in a manner that allows Search Bot to make only one call per Search Term. Prior versions required one call for each page of 20 results. That method resulted in an average of 10 calls to the Search Engine server for each Search Term. The change now reduces all searches to a single call to the Search Engine server. This change not only greatly improves the stability of Search Bot, but significantly reduces our demands on the Search Service.

Randomized Search Time

Search Bot V2 1.0.4 introduces a new “Randomized” delay interval between detection of the Parcel’s HTML Web Page update and when the Search is performed. Search Bot V2 initially delayed for approximately 3 hours. With version 1.0.4 that delay time now ranges between 1 and 5 hours.

Improved Hover Text Message

Because the Search Bot V2 now has basically two operations … waiting for the Parcel’s HTML web page to update and performing automated Searches … the Hover Text displayed above Search Bot V2 1.0.4 now shows the upcoming operation and approximately how long before that operation is performed.

Fixed Hover Text at Idle

This version of Search Bot V2 fixes a small bug that caused the display of Hover Text even though the hovertext=off option was used in the Configuration notecard. Beginning with version 1.0.4 that issue is fixed.

Added New Options to Idle Menu

While Search Bot V2 1.0.4 is in “Idle” mode (that is waiting until it is time to perform the next operation), you may “Touch” it to display a menu of Owner Operations. Previous versions provided only two options in the menu, “This” and “ALL”. This version adds two more options, “Search Now” and “Get Config”.

  • Search Now – Perform a full search immediately and report the results in Local Chat
  • Get Config – Search Bot will give you its current Configuration Notecard

Search Rank Results in HTML Update Email

Quite a few folks had asked that the most recent Search Rank results be reported more often. With Search Bot V2 1.0.4 the most recent Search Rank results are reported at the bottom of the HTML Update Email message.

Updating to Search Bot V2 1.0.4

This version of Search Bot uses the exact same Configuration Notecard as prior versions. There are two methods you may use to update your existing Search Bot V2’s to this new version.

Method 1 – Rez and Replace

The first method is very easy. Just rez a copy of the new Search Bot V2 1.0.4 then put a copy of the current Configuration Notecard into the newly rezzed Search Bot V2. Make sure you pick up or delete the old Search Bot V2 and any Search Bots from Old Search as well.

Method 2 – Swap Scripts

Rez a new Search Bot V2 1.0.4 and copy the Script into your Inventory. Once copied you can delete the new Search Bot V2 1.0.4. Next edit your older Search Bot V2 prior to 1.0.4. In the Contents tab, delete the existing Script then replace it with the Script you copied into Inventory. The Script will automatically reset and perform a Search.

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