It’s All About Communication

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If you are a parent, or a manager, or you’ve ever had cause to direct someone else at a task then you’ll no doubt recognize that stating exactly what is needed and what is known are crucial to good task management. One can imagine a conversation that goes like this:

Mom: Johnny? Did you take out the trash?

Johnny: Sure did Mom!

Now on the surface, you might think the task was completed, but because Mom wasn’t explicit about WHERE she meant (other than “out”), Johnny was free to create his own definition … and that probably means just outside the back door but NOT in the garbage can. Dad will find out when he comes home.
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What Was Once Put Wrong …

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In my previous post entitled Marketplace Update Goes Sideways I made mention of the various flaws introduced in the Marketplace update of September 13th. (Lesson learned, never release an update on the 13th of the month.) I am happy to say that almost everything has been put back to rights again.

Except …
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SL Marketplace Update Goes Sideways

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Yesterday, September 13th 2011, the Commerce Dev Team at Linden Lab dropped a bomb on the Merchants of Second Life and the echoes are still ringing loud in the halls of the User Community Forums. Today’s post is a short (possibly) commentary on what went wrong, why it went wrong, and how Linden Lab can work toward preventing such debacles in the future.
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The man behind Darrius Gothly has had a small set back and will be offline afk for at least another week. Thank you for your patience.