Debut of the Magic Flyer

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It’s time to announce something special for DG Products for Second Life … the debut of our newest Teleporter. If you’re in the market for a simple yet incredibly reliable Teleporter AND you’d like to save L$200 getting one then read on and learn about the newest, most reliable and easiest Teleporter ever found in Second Life.
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The Case For Last Names

Not too long ago there was a fundamental and wide-ranging shift in the Chi of Second Life Residents. This change in the very essence that makes us who we are (and by “us” I mean all of us that use and live in Second Life) was brought about by the removal of the Last Name option when registering for a new Avatar account. Every new account since the change was rolled out has been stuck with the perfunctory last name of “Resident”.

As usual, I gots problems with it. But before I launch into my tirade (diatribe?), I’d like you to take the time to go read the comments on the existing JIRA asking Linden Lab to return Last Names. When you come back, press on to read my thoughts on this topic.
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Plugging Holes in the Marketplace

October 19, 2011 by · 2 Comments
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Since its release toward the latter half of last year, the Second Life Marketplace has been lacking some pretty crucial features. When the Commerce Team made their initial announcement that a “bigger, better, faster Virtual Goods shopping site” was coming out soon, those of us in the more pessimistic camp belted out a resounding “We’ll believe it when we see it.” Here we are more than a year later and … we ain’t seen it yet.

One of the glaring meta-issues with the SL Marketplace is its total lack of consideration for how Merchants want to work (or already do work). In all honesty, I believe it was written by folks that have never done a day of marketing or virtual sales in their lives. (But then again, in all fairness, if we catch them being merchants then we tend to get all bent that they’re using Alts to make unfair profits … so .. *shrugs*) Anyway, today’s post is about a new product coming out soon that will plug one of the more annoying “Holes” in the features offered by the SL Marketplace: Customer Redelivery of Copyable Products.
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