Debut of the Magic Flyer

It’s time to announce something special for DG Products for Second Life … the debut of our newest Teleporter. If you’re in the market for a simple yet incredibly reliable Teleporter AND you’d like to save L$200 getting one then read on and learn about the newest, most reliable and easiest Teleporter ever found in Second Life.

The Installation Issue(s)

The most difficult part of setting up any Teleporter is installation. Some require you to edit complicated Notecards, some need you to drop Landmarks into the Teleporter, while others are a bit more dynamic … they all take time and planning, and a fair amount of SL skill. Our original Teleporters, the DG Flyer Series, use a mostly dynamic method that allows you to drop out a Landing Point at every destination. But even as simple as that sounds, there are still issues with rezzing the Teleporter itself and how you configure the various parts.

But we still weren’t happy. Any time someone has problems installing or using one of our products, we consider that as an “issue” that needs fixing. So we’ve been working on various ways to “fix” the Installation Issues. If we could also fix the other issues at the same time, all the better. Well, we did it, and we are releasing it as the new DGP4SL Magic Flyer.

And just to help spread the word, we’re putting it on sale for a special reduced price too. But those details are later, after you read some more about the Magic Flyer.

So How Do I Install the Magic Flyer?

Good question, glad you asked. Just rez a Magic Flyer Call Pad every place you want the Magic Flyer to stop. Give it a name that reflects its location (such as “Beach House” or “Skybox”) and you’re done. No need to fly around collecting Landmarks and fighting to keep them updated. Where ever there is a Call Pad, the Magic Flyer can both leave from and arrive at that location.

If you need to move a Call Pad, or delete one, or even rename one then there is nothing special to do. Just move, delete or rename it at will. The very next time someone uses the Magic Flyer, they will go to the new location. Even if you need to move the Call Pad a long distance, all you do is delete the old one, drop a new Call Pad out in the new location then rename it accordingly. It’s just that easy.

What About the “Max Locations” Issue?

Every multi-location Teleporter in Second Life provides a menu of the available destinations, but that menu is limited to 12 choices. To overcome this limitation, most Teleporters use “Staged Menus”. That means you get 10 or 11 choices on the first menu, but you can also step to the next menu which has 10 or so more choices. When you have a big location this can be annoying. (We use this same technology in our InstaFlyer Teleporter.) But the Magic Flyer overcomes this problem in a slightly different way.

The Magic Flyer only displays the nearest 11 destinations to the user. This means no matter how many Call Pads you set out, anyone using the Magic Flyer will never see a menu error or have to navigate multiple menus. The ease of use is much improved while the customer frustration is greatly reduced.

But what if you have some destinations that you want to always be available in the menu even if they are far away from the most distant destination? No problem, just begin the Call Pad’s name with an exclamation point (“!”) and it will not only always be included in the menu, but it will appear first in the list.

How Does It Work?

That’s the easiest part. Just walk up to a Magic Flyer Call Pad and a new Magic Flyer Telepad will instantly appear. Simply click on the Telepad to “Sit” on it then select your desired destination from the menu. One click, one menu, done! There is simply nothing easier in Second Life. When it comes to teleportation, not only is the DGP4SL Teleporter technology the smoothest and most reliable, but with the ease of use of the new Magic Flyer, teleporting in Second Life has taken the next step forward.

Editing the Magic Flyer Call Pad (click to zoom)

The Magic Flyer Telepad (click to zoom)

The Deal

You’ve read this far, so it’s time to get your reward.

This coming week only, October 30th through November 5th, the Magic Flyer is being sold for a special reduced price. Visit our In-World Teleporter Store HERE to purchase the Magic Flyer at L$200 off the normal price. When you arrive, you’ll see the vendor right in front of you. Even though it shows the regular price, the secret is that you can actually purchase it for the lower sale price. (I know, sneaky, huh? LOL)

So hurry on over and give the new DGP4SL Magic Flyer a test run. We’re sure you’ll find it the easiest, most reliable Teleporter you’ve ever used.

Visit the DGP4SL Store on SL Marketplace


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