Quickie – In-World Search Is Working Again

Just a quick note to let everyone know (in case you hadn’t noticed yet) that Second Life’s In-World Search appears to be unfrozen again. It is important to note that while it was freed up about a day ago (from this posting), the results went wildly awry for a bit and have just now started to settle down again. This leads me to believe that they are using a 24-hour pipe to calculate whatever it is they’re calling “Traffic” these days.

So now, in a giant loop that describes history (in the exactly same way as it’s been defined for eons), we are back to where we were just under two years ago … Parcel Search Rank is in large part due to “Traffic”. However, what they are using the make that calculation, whether it is the old-style avatars on site over a set time, or something new having to do with sales, shopper behavior patterns, or whatever else … it’s time to fire up your Traffic Generating ideas folks.

So get your concerts booked, your live bands hired, your dance floors rolled out, your art exhibits arranged and your hunts enrolled. It’s time to amp up your traffic folks, because your rank in In-World Search depends on how many avatars come snooping around your shelves.

Traffic Jam!

On Tuesday, November 15th, sometime in the afternoon (Second Life Time), a fundamental mechanism of the Second Life platform … broke. Well at least the official explanation is that something broke, but after thinking about it some and looking at the collateral damage, I’m wondering just how unintentional the change and how difficult the repair.

Late Breaking News: Linden Lab has just posted this on their Second Life Grid Status blog: http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2011/11/23/post1485/
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A Place To Dream

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“So this newbie walks onto a Sim …”

It looks like the intro to a really lame joke, but it’s actually the set of circumstances that leads to someone asking the most oft asked question around Second Life. The exact words vary from asking to asking, but no matter how you string the words, the question is still the same.
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Looking Forward – ANS and Direct Delivery

(Warning: Today’s post will eventually turn into a geek-fest. If you’d like to read up to the point where it starts leaking out your ears then skip to the end, no offense taken.)

The Second Life Marketplace will soon (eventually?) switch over to a product delivery mechanism called Direct Delivery. Today’s post will look at what is involved in the current delivery process as regards the ANS system and how Direct Delivery will and should impact it. (And if you don’t know what ANS means, read on and I’ll explain.)
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What Is This Fascination With Display Names?

In case you tried to tune out the daily catastrophe that is Second Life today, you missed a good one. Actually it started yesterday, but because Linden Lab has this habit of rolling out “fixes” and then going home for the day, it didn’t raise their attention until today. (So that’s one day gone in the path to “rapid and responsive customer support”.) Now that they are aware, they seemed poised to enact a half-fix, undoing the changes they made yesterday but ignoring the 100’s of thousands (if not millions) of transaction records already incorrect.

Confused? Well read on and I’ll happily explain. Just pardon my somewhat unpleasant demeanor about this latest fiasco, I’m still fuming yet again over yet another boneheaded move made at Linden Lab. So dive in and mind the spikes … I will try and point them out as I add them to this post.
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Marketplace Sales Reports – An Update On The iGlom RDS

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Not that long ago I wrote about a new system I was testing called the iGlom Redelivery System (or RDS). When I first reported on it, there was a plan to implement sales reports but none had been made available yet. Well I just spent some time looking over the new Merchant Sales Reports and I’m happy to say they look sweet. I got permission from the developer to post these screenshots from the RDS Manual (available from the iGlom.com website).

There are six types of reports: Totaled by day, week, month, payer, receiver and product. The daily, weekly and monthly reports detail the sales by day, week or month for each product sold and can optionally include a Units Sold graph for each product. They also include two summary sections,  one that totals all sales by product for the period selected and the other that totals all sales by day, week or month. The payer, receiver and product reports can be filtered by a portion of the name.
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Search Tidbit

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Just a quick note about In-World Search in Second Life. I recently set out four new in-world vendors to sell the new Magic Flyer teleporter … but I left 3 of the 4 named the same. On the next search update my rank dropped 5-7 places for my primary words and 20-25 places for my secondary words. OUCH!

Lesson Learned: Do NOT duplicate Object Names for those objects marked to Show In Search. PERIOD!