Marketing, Lying … and Fraud

As a young lad, one of the strongest insults a peer could level against someone was to call them a “liar”. At that tender age we didn’t realize the full range possible of deceitful utterances. As I’ve matured, I have come to understand in greater depth how people must at times say something we know to be a lie. However I’ve also learned when the line between a needful lie and a convenient lie is crossed. Linden Lab apparently erased that line some time ago and is now in a state of full denial, believing that they are immune to fallout from their own misdeeds.
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Slow Spiral Into Demise

Back on November 11th of last year an issue was reported using the Linden Lab’s recommended method. They have specifically (and repeatedly) requested that we Customers and Residents of Second Life use their JIRA system. They’ve also requested that we provide as much detail and specificity as possible when filing a JIRA Issue. They admonish that using any other method may or may not be very reliable, and that filing an issue through JIRA was guaranteed to notify the proper parties and receive top-notch response times.

Well … that ain’t exactly what’s happened. (Suprised? You must be a newbie then.)
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