Why Is Linden Lab Running Scared?

Most of us prefer to (if you’ll forgive me this term) “Play” Second Life and not get mired down in the inner workings of its provider Linden Lab. But in the past few days there have been some upcoming changes made public that will significantly alter how usable (playable?) the Second Life Virtual World really is. As I’ve mentioned many times in the past, I try not to believe that LL is just plain dumb and is in fact reacting to some form of impetus that we do not see, but these latest changes are pulling out the last remaining supports in that belief system. To be specific, LL is changing two seemingly unrelated but apparently intimately linked features of Second Life … and their motivation seems to be nothing more than fear (if not out and out paranoia).
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That Was The Equation!

I may be dating myself with this reference, but the original Star Trek had an episode in which a giant android named Ruk (played by the same guy that played Lurch on the Addams Family) recalls and then acts on an event that occurred many eons ago. After much prodding by Captain Kirk, Ruk is able to access the events … and comes to the realization that Kirk and team (and the week’s guest star, Dr. Korby) must all be eliminated because they are inferior and illogical.

Well, the recent announcement by Linden Lab and LittleTextPeople has had roughly the same emotional recoil in me. No, I’m not looking to phaser the ST Team into randomly scattered atoms, but I am suddenly understanding some of the events of the past couple years. If you’re into reading one of my “Wall O’Text” psychological rants, dive in and maybe you’ll see the pathway through the forest the same as me.
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Care and Feeding of the SL Marketplace Magic Box

The most critical component any SL Marketplace Merchant will use is the venerable “Magic Box”. Originally created by the author(s) of the SL Exchange virtual shopping site, the Magic Box has been the focus of many ill-tempered words. While not totally its fault, there are several quirks about the Magic Box that, once learned and used, can smooth the delivery of items purchased by your Customers.

Please note that since mid-July, 2015 the Second Life Marketplace has switched to Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM). This means the venerable Magic Box has been officially retired and should NOT be used for anything new. If you are still using one or more of these, please update.

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Critical News for V1 Search Bot Users

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If you are using the V1 Search Bot from DGP4SL then the following information is critical to your Rank in Search. Last year the In-World Search Dev Team announced a change in the way the Search Engine interface would be replaced by a new engine (based on the SOLR/Lucene engine) and a new API. They were nice enough to provide a bridge interface that allowed older Viewers and programmed devices to use the new Engine through the old interface.

While this was a very nice gesture on their part, it has had some unintended consequences. The method used to access the old interface is much more wasteful of network bandwidth and Search Engine resources. Because of that extra waste involved, it has been in our plans to remove all older Search Bots as soon as possible. Well that time has come.

If you are still using the older Search Bot (recognizable by its logo image as shown below then you must either remove it from use or upgrade to the newer Search Bot V2. The new Search Bot (fully described in a previous post Search Bot V2 Update Released), uses the exact same configuration Notecard now in use by older V1 Search Bots. This means that upgrading is simply a matter of copying out the old Config Notecard, removing the old V1 Search Bot then rezzing out a copy of the new Search Bot V2 and dropping the Config Notecard inside.
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Tin Foil Hat Theory – SLM Slowdown

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In case you weren’t aware, for the past few months the Second Life Marketplace (SLM) has been experiencing horribly delayed deliveries of items purchased during the midnight to 6am SLT time frame. The past few posts have dealt with this problem from a technical perspective and how it has shaken (if not completely destroyed) customer confidence.

Several of my good friends and contacts within Second Life (and on the Internet in general) are … hmmm … the best description would be “habitually paranoid”. However one concept floated past me in the past few days and I’ve found myself pondering it ever since. So with no further ado, let’s dive into the Tin Foil Hat Theory of why SLM Deliveries are being delayed during a major portion of the shopping day.

(To learn more about the Delayed Delivery Issue, please refer to the full JIRA located here.)
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