The Fiasco Called Marketplace

Things were looking pretty promising there for a bit .. a very short bit. Direct Delivery was released, and in spite of a few disappointing first issue bugs, things seemed to be smoothing out. But then the hammer dropped on Maxwell’s head … and since then the Lab and the Commerce Dev Team have been making some very strange decisions. Strange as in “no responsible company would do that” kind of decisions. Decisions that not only throw their customers right under the bus, but seem to say they accept no responsibility for any errors in the Marketplace because they are “Legacy Issues”. That’s all well and good that the errors were happening before Direct Delivery was released, but their reappearance and massive uptick in occurrence AND the fact that it IS the Commerce Dev Team’s responsibility to ensure the Marketplace works only prove that the Commerce Dev Team needs to get hold of this now and stop trying to pass the buck onto the Merchants. Besides, the Merchants can’t fix it anyway. Allow me to explain …
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Something Old, Something New

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This past week as we’ve all been in suspense (and panic, and distress, and hysterics and .. and .. ) over the release of Direct Delivery from Linden Lab, we at DGP4SL have been putting our time to really useful purpose … updating another of our older products and cooking up something new. (And here you thought I was living on the Forums, huh? Well .. fooled ya! LOL) Just to make things sort of poetic, we also kept the old product delivering via Magic Box but uploaded the new product for delivery with Direct Delivery.
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Major Update for the DG Flyer Series Teleporters

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Just over two years ago we released our first teleporter for use within Second Life. We’d begun by developing elevators and similar transportation devices, but we found that people really prefer the speed and ease of use of a teleporter. So we took the experience we gained making scripted devices, rolled in what we learned from doing physics based gadgets such as our elevators, and added our own personal style of simple setup and operation to create the DG Flyer.¬†Shortly after that came the DG Flyer ST, a science fiction themed teleporter that also added a few features to the line.

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In-World Search Went Boom!

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Overnight, from late night on March 15th through early morning on March 16th, the In-World Search facility of Second Life went a little bit haywire. For some unknown reason sites were indexed and promptly removed from the search indices. As the outage progressed, fewer and fewer Parcels were returned in Search Results. The DGP4SL Search Bot V2 reported the ranking for a Parcel that had been dropped as “nfir” meaning “Not Found In Results”.

Fortunately, before the sun came up out in the west coast of the USA (where Second Life and its owner Linden Lab is located) the error seems to have self-corrected and all Search Results have returned to normal. Now that the anomaly has ended, it also appears that for the most part the ranking of all Parcels has been returned to the same point it was before the outage began.

As usual, those people using the DGP4SL Search Bot V2 were the first to notice the outage as their email reports began showing “nfir” for every search phrase and keyword programmed into the Search Bot V2. They were also the first to notice when In-World Search returned to normal. However, anyone attempting to use In-World Search during the outage got reports that said something to the effect of:

In any event, whatever caused it, the problem has been resolved and In-World Search appears back to normal again. Whew!

Ripples In The Pond

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After many long months of waiting for any word on the Lab’s upcoming major feature Direct Delivery, these past two weeks have been dominated by news of nothing else. It’s understandable because Direct Delivery will be a major revolution in how virtual goods purchased from the SL Marketplace are delivered. And yes I mean “revolution”, because even though it might seem a logical evolution, the possibilities of how it can be used and should be used going forward are capable of revitalizing Second Life … if done right.

With today’s post I am going to spend some time talking about things that we probably didn’t think about too much, and most likely Linden Labs didn’t think about either. However these things are issues that have a long-standing history in the world of Second Life.
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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Well, they’ve finally poured concrete on Direct Delivery and given it a firm release date. In their recent Forum Post about DD, CommerceTeam Linden has finally put a pushpin into the calendar and announced when it will roll out onto the Marketplace … and it’s users.
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Here Comes The Sun

The news all around the Blogosphere regarding Second Life and Linden Lab over the past couple of weeks has been extremely disappointing. My most recent posts called out the Lab on several of their more obvious blunders, and I was just one voice in a deafening cacophony of anger heaped on the Lab for taking actions that seemed purposely aimed at destroying (or at least severely diminishing) the pleasure and usability of Second Life by its long-term hard-core customers. Well, in what has hopefully been the first steps in a new direction for the Lab, there have also been a number of actions of late that might just signal a whole new dawn for the embattled virtual playground.
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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

There is this old joke about the kid that, upon arriving late at school, was stopped and scolded by his teacher for his tardiness. Instead of being contrite, the kid said to the teacher “you should be proud of me instead of being mad.” When the teacher asked why, he replied “because when I left home today, every step forward I took, I fell back two steps.” A bit amused, the teacher inquired as to why she should be proud of him for that. To which he replied “because I was smart enough to turn around backwards … and thus gained a step in the right direction all the way here.”

CommerceTeam Linden (the designated functional for LL that speaks via the Second Life Forums on all matters related to commerce in Second Life) recently announced a new feature they were planning to release soon called “Received Items”. I’m quite sure they expected people to respond with some measure of acceptance or at least not burn down the barn, but that is not what happened. Shortly after posting the announcement in the Merchants Forum, the Merchant Community as well as some non-Merchants stormed the gates of the LL Castle with pitchforks and torches ablaze. You can read the announcement and the public reaction in the Forum Thread here.

(Fair Warning – This post contains some fairly technical descriptions. I’ve done my best to make them understandable to those that don’t dream in hexadecimal, but you have been warned. I will not be held responsible for any brain leakage that occurs. Also note this post is this year’s sure-fire winner for the “tl;dr” category … hands down.)
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