Major Update for the DG Flyer Series Teleporters

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Just over two years ago we released our first teleporter for use within Second Life. We’d begun by developing elevators and similar transportation devices, but we found that people really prefer the speed and ease of use of a teleporter. So we took the experience we gained making scripted devices, rolled in what we learned from doing physics based gadgets such as our elevators, and added our own personal style of simple setup and operation to create the DG Flyer.¬†Shortly after that came the DG Flyer ST, a science fiction themed teleporter that also added a few features to the line.

Early last year we expanded the line again by adding the DG Sign Flyer and the DG Rug Flyer. The DG Sign Flyer is a Point-to-Point system that uses a simplified “Touch to Teleport” operation. The DG Rug Flyer is based on the Arabian Knights Flying Carpet but does it for real in Second Life. These two teleporters also added more refinements in our teleporter technology.

Then late last year we released our newest teleporter technology. Called the DG Magic Flyer, it uses a super-simple technique for installation that we think makes it the absolute easiest to install of any teleporter available.  Again the DG Magic Flyer also advanced our teleporter technology a bit further down the road.

Long In The Tooth

Not long ago we decided it was time to roll all the little advancements into all of our teleporters, so we began a several week long process of updating every teleporter in the DG Flyer Series. We made sure that Access Control was a standard part of each one, and we invented a unique “Ground Avoidance” technology that prevents a teleporter from getting hung up after accidentally running into the ground. We even updated the graphics for our DG Flyer HUD to improve its overall look.

The Big Reveal

Today was the day. After spending hours upgrading, enhancing, making sure that every one of the DG Flyer Teleporter Series contained all the bug fixes and improvements we could, we released them all. As is our standard policy, if you purchased one of the DG Flyer Series teleporters then you should be receiving your update free of charge shortly. If you haven’t yet purchased one, we’d like to think you should stop by our Teleporter Store and test ride all of them. Our Teleporter Store is a 4-level building (three near the ground and one up at 3800 meters) that contains demo versions of each teleporter we sell.

In the center of the 1st and 4th levels is a kiosk that dispenses White Papers on the various teleporter types that can be found in Second Life, the differences between personal and commercial teleporter systems and other items of interest that will help you make an educated teleporter purchase whether from us or from anyone else. Also in the same location is a small circular kiosk that provides the current Release Notes for each member of the DG Flyer line.

Drop By and Shop A While

If you’re thinking about buying a teleporter, or if you haven’t thought about it yet but might like to at least try a few out and see how they work, come on by our Teleporter Store and spend some time playing with our toys. We’re sure that once you really see how easy the DG Flyers are to install, operate and maintain, you won’t go anywhere else when it’s time to make that purchase.

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