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This past week as we’ve all been in suspense (and panic, and distress, and hysterics and .. and .. ) over the release of Direct Delivery from Linden Lab, we at DGP4SL have been putting our time to really useful purpose … updating another of our older products and cooking up something new. (And here you thought I was living on the Forums, huh? Well .. fooled ya! LOL) Just to make things sort of poetic, we also kept the old product delivering via Magic Box but uploaded the new product for delivery with Direct Delivery.

Something Old – The DG InstaFlyer Commercial Teleporter

As mentioned in our previous post (“Major Update for the DG Flyer Series Teleporters“), we’ve been working our way through all the original DG Flyer Teleporters and bringing them up to snuff, fixing bugs and generally smoothing out the line. One of the members of that line that escaped that update though was the DG InstaFlyer Commercial Teleporter. Part of the reason for delaying the InstaFlyer a bit longer than the others was that it has some unique features that needed a bit more polish.

Unlike the other members of the DG Flyer Series, the InstaFlyer does not leave its Teleporter Pad rezzed. Instead it rezzes a new one for each “Call”. After the Rider uses the InstaFlyer and arrives at their chosen destination, the InstaFlyer Pad deletes itself. The major advantage to this is that it provides an On-Demand capability that can handle even the busiest of installations. If 20 people call the InstaFlyer at the same time, 20 separate Pads will be rezzed and sent off to answer each one. Also different from the other DG Flyers, it can handle more than the standard 12 Destinations; instead the InstaFlyer uses a Multiple Menu technique to display up to 100 Destinations still using the standard menus everyone understands.

The DG InstaFlyer keeps the advanced features that exemplify our praise winning teleporters including Access Control per Destination, Ground Avoidance Technology and multiple riders. If you’ve got a situation that requires shuttling a large number of people around a large store, mall or Sim then you need to come by our Teleporter Store on the SeaBreeze Oasis Sim and test the InstaFlyer in person. We’re quite sure that once you take a test ride, you’ll be hooked forever.

Something New – The DG Online Sender

There are lots of excellent devices for sending out updates, gifts, etc. to a large number of people. We personally prefer the ArtiZan Postmaster series; it’s the one we use to send out our updates. One of the best features of the Postmaster series is its ability to send out a collection of items (Notecards, Objects, Animations, etc.) to a list of recipients, and only sends them when the recipient is online. This feature completely avoids the problems encountered with sending things to people when they’re offline. But it’s really designed for mass mailings; what about those times when you need to send some stuff to just one person?

Since we just finished sending out mass updates for the DG Flyer teleporters, we ran headlong into this problem when, as usually happens, a few folks messaged saying they’d crashed when the update came in, or they accidentally clicked “Discard” instead of “Accept” … the usual things that happen. So how do we go about sending a replacement update to just one person, but only send it when they’re online?

Enter the DG Online Sender. It’s another one of our “short-n-sweet” tools that does just one simple thing, but does it well and without a lot of hassle or confusion. All you do is rez the Sender, enter the recipient’s UUID, drop in the items you want to send and … forget about it. The Sender will check the online status of the recipient, repeating the check every five minutes, until it finds them online. It then waits about 30 seconds (so they don’t get bombarded just after logging in) and sends them an IM alerting them to the fact that they will be receiving a specific number of items very shortly. It then waits another 30 seconds (just being polite, giving them time to get ready to accept the incoming items) and sends each item nice and slow. (The DG Online Sender waits about 5 seconds between each item sent, again so the recipient has enough time to properly identify the item and click the right button.)

Once all the items have been sent, it sends you an IM telling you that it completed its mission successfully … and then deletes itself. That way you don’t have a bunch of empty boxes left laying around; you can totally forget about the DG Online Sender once it begins its online check on the recipient, confident that when it’s done it will clean up its mess and disappear.

The DG Online Sender is provided with both Copy and Modify permissions. This allows you to buy it once, then use it over and over again as many times as you want. Because it is only 1 Prim, you can rez a bunch of them at one time too. When it’s done its job, it will vanish and give that 1 Prim back to your allotment.

The DG Online Sender is available in the Gadgets section of our Main Store on the Dirty Pleasures Sim or from the SL Marketplace. If you ever find yourself needing to send a few things to that one person that never seems to be online when you are then the DG Online Sender is the perfect tool to handle the task.

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