I’m So Damn Tired Of Asking …

A couple years ago, Linden Lab bought up the top contenders in the Virtual Goods sales website niche. They laid out who knows how much in money and other incentives and took ownership of both OnRez and XStreet SL. And then they sh*t-canned them both. Granted, they let XStreet live a bit longer than they did OnRez, but the final solution for both was death.

To their credit though, when they first took over XStreet, they did some enhancements that made a lot of good sense. I’ve said it many times before, but probably their best modification to the XStreet platform was they merged the two banking systems (In-World and XStreet) and made it so that if you had money in your “normal” Second Life L$ account, you could use that money to make purchases from XStreet. As strategic moves go, that was a winner. As a technology move, it was the death knell to any contenders. It didn’t take long after that change before all the 3rd party competitors bit the dust. Game point to Linden Lab.
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