Time Travelling with RDS

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The past few weeks have seen some pretty dramatic changes in the functionality provided by RDS. What started out to be just a plain old “send another copy to…” system has rapidly morphed into a virtual Swiss-Army knife of functions and reports for Merchants selling on the SL Marketplace. Until today’s release, the advantages that RDS added to a Merchant’s toolbox were strictly limited to sales made after they subscribed. But now? Now, we can go into the past.
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More New Stuff in the iGlom RDS

May 2, 2012 by · 1 Comment
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One of the most annoying processes every Merchant goes through when listing their Products for sale on the Marketplace is the association of the Product with the specific Direct Delivery folder or Boxed Item in the contents of the Magic Box. Because the iGlom RDS is also a “Product Delivery” service very similar to the Marketplace, RDS must also have this association set up in its database too.

Rather than forcing you to update each Product one by one, the “Connect Products” configuration page uses advanced web and user-interface technology to connect all your Products with their respective Inventory Items in a matter of a few minutes. Even if you have several hundred Products, you can accomplish the entire task usually in 10-15 minutes.
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