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One of the most annoying processes every Merchant goes through when listing their Products for sale on the Marketplace is the association of the Product with the specific Direct Delivery folder or Boxed Item in the contents of the Magic Box. Because the iGlom RDS is also a “Product Delivery” service very similar to the Marketplace, RDS must also have this association set up in its database too.

Rather than forcing you to update each Product one by one, the “Connect Products” configuration page uses advanced web and user-interface technology to connect all your Products with their respective Inventory Items in a matter of a few minutes. Even if you have several hundred Products, you can accomplish the entire task usually in 10-15 minutes.

((Full documentation on the new Connect Products configuration feature is available in the RDS Wiki ‘Connect Products‘ page)

Drag and Drop

The Connect Products configuration page is arranged as two columns; one lists all of your Products and the other lists all the known Inventory Items. The following image shows you how a typical Connect Products page will look:


Notice how Products with a connected Inventory Item have that item’s name listed just below the Product Name in the left-hand column, and that a green checkmark icon appears just to the right of the Inventory Item name. In the Inventory List on the right-hand side, only those Inventory Items not connected to a Product are listed and each one has a red “X” icon to the right end of the item’s name.

Connecting an Inventory Item to a Product Listing

To connect an Inventory Item with its respective Product Listing, you simply locate the Inventory Item in the list on the right (they’re sorted in alphabetical order to make finding the proper Item easy) then drag it to the left-hand column and drop it onto the proper Product Listing. The following image shows the “Arched Wood Trim Door BOX” being connected to the “Arched Wood Trim Door” Product:


As you drag the Inventory Item over the proper Product listing, a large green checkmark icon will appear in the background of the Product that will be connected when the Inventory Item is “dropped”. ┬áThis lets you clearly identify which Product will be connected, thus greatly improving accuracy and increasing speed as well.


Disconnecting an Inventory Item from a Product Listing

Breaking the connection between the Inventory Item and the Product is just as simple. Click the Inventory Item line in the Products column on the left-hand side then drag it to the right and drop it anywhere in the Inventory column. The following image shows the Disconnection Process:

As you drag the Inventory Item from the Product listing over the Inventory column on the right, a large red “X” icon will appear in the background of the column. You do not have to “put it back where it belongs” when disconnecting an Inventory Item, you can drop it anywhere in the right-hand column and it will be automatically placed back into the item list in the proper order.

Coming Soon!

In the next couple of days, I will debut the “Load Previous Sales” import feature for RDS. This feature imports all Marketplace sales made prior to purchasing the iGlom RDS. With just a few minutes work, you will no longer be limited to reporting and redelivering only those sales made after signing up with RDS, you will also be able to report on all sales since “The Dawn of Time” when SL Marketplace first opened up through the most recent sales captured automatically by the iGlom RDS.

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