Important Update to the Rental Beam Service

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You may or may not be familiar with one of our web integration products … Rental Beam. Designed to compliment the hippoRENT™ Rental Management system, the Rental Beam service consists of a single plugin script that is added to each Rental Box. Once added, the Land Owner adds a simple bit of HTML to their website to display a real-time listing of all of their available Parcels. Unlike the similar service provided by Hippo Systems, the Rental Beam service allows the Land Owner to integrate the listing into their own website.

New Feature Added – Land Groups

Recently one of our customers asked if we could add the ability to assign Parcels to Groups. This would allow them to have several different Available Property pages, each one listing only those Parcels in a specific Group. Well it sounded like a good idea so we added it to the service.

The Land Owner can define up to 50 different Groups using the new Land Groups page.

Land Groups Example

Updates to the Manage Rentals Page

We recently discovered a problem with the Manage Rentals page that could cause it to improperly save changes to a Rental. Because we also needed to add the ability to select a Group, we decided to bite the bullet and completely overhaul the page.

The new Manage Rentals page combines advanced AJAX web technology to enable instant updates. Every change made is applied instantly for the quickest response on the web. We’ve also decreased the size of the web page and sped up its display. Even with large inventories of Parcels, the new Manage Rentals page is faster and easier to use and understand.

Manage Parcels Example

Coming Soon!

We’re always thinking up new ideas to improve and ease the chores of managing your Rental Properties. Recently we received a suggestion for a new tool that will automate yet another of the daily chores that burns up your time online. When it’s ready we’ll be sure to let you know both on our blog and by Email. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to pass them along either by in-world IM or by Email.

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