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Our time away from the public eye wasn’t totally wasted. (Although laying around watching educational TV shows isn’t exactly “waste”, it sure isn’t immediately productive either.) We are pleased and proud that over time we’ve gathered a cadre of “Idea People” that are excellent at thinking up new gadgets, identifying needs and problems in their own use of Second Life, and willing to share those ideas and suggestions with us.  When we are presented with a new idea or obstacle, we do what’s only natural for us … we invent a tool or device to address it.

Website Integration

Second Life is a wonderfully immersive and varied environment in which to live, but it’s also very much a “Walled Garden”. Anyone that invests both time and money in the platform most likely also has other Internet-based tools and platforms that they use and depend on. Not only are there such things as Blogs and Forums that we routinely contribute to, but for many of us there are websites that we depend on and may need to enhance with information from within Second Life.

One of our prior products, Rental Beam, is an excellent example of this “Website Integration”. Designed specifically for the large population of hippoRENT™ users, Rental Beam consists of a simple plugin script that is added to each Rental Box and a website that handles control and customization of the Rental Beam output. Its output is a list of those Parcels that are currently available for rent. It can present those listings in one of two main formats … graphical or list format. Here are some real examples of those listings:

Island Oasis Properties – Available Land : A standard List format presentation

Lomas Country Sim’s CCS Role Play Community : A Graphical format presentation

These two examples demonstrate what is one of the major advantages of the Rental Beam system .. it smoothly integrates into your existing website. Unlike other offerings (such as that offered by Hippo itself), Rental Beam doesn’t force you to link to an outside web page; it becomes part of your web site thus allowing you to more tightly integrate its capabilities into your existing Internet presence.

Rental Beam is for sale at the SL Marketplace. You can also visit the Rental Beam website.

Live Online Images

Another common need for those conducting business inside Second Life is the ability to display their current “Online Status” on a website. The website may be their own or may be an outside blog, forum or other social networking site. Our newest product, Live Online Images, satisfies that need. Unlike some of the other solutions available, DG Live Online Images presents your online status as an image that can be incorporated into almost any web page with a simple HTML instruction. Because Live Online Images renders as a simple PNG image, you only need to include an IMG tag with the proper URL and your current online status will be displayed on the page.

DG Live Online Images also provides many different display formats varying in size and presentation. This variety allows you to find a format that fits nicely into almost any page format. Ranging from full-size SL Profile Images with your status overlaid in a banner across the bottom to tiny “chiclet” sized images, the format used is determined by the URL entered into the web page’s HTML code. Here are some examples using my own Online Status:

There are quite a few other formats available, all of which are displayed on the Examples page at the Live Online Images website.

Live Online Images is sold in two packages. The Staff Version is designed for use by an SL Business that employs multiple staff members. It consists of a 1-Prim device that is rezzed anywhere on your own land (only one is needed for all of Second Life). It is then configured with a simple notecard that lists the UUIDs of your Staff. The Personal Edition is also a 1-Prim device however it only reports the online status of the device owner.

Both versions of DG Live Online Images are available on the SL Marketplace.

Update to  DG Online Sender

We’ve all run into the problem. We need to send something to someone, but they’re not online at the moment and we can’t wait around for them to come online. You can go ahead and send it to them now, but chances are good that it will get lost because their IMs are capped. So what to do?

That is the situation for which we developed the DG Online Sender. You simply rez a copy, enter the Recipient’s UUID, drop in the items you want to send … and walk away. The DG Online Sender will periodically check the Recipient’s online status. When they come online, it gives them a few minutes to “settle in” (and to avoid those login/crash situations) then begins sending them whatever items you added. Once it has completed sending the items, it sends you an IM reporting its success then self-deletes.

Recently one of our customers asked a simple question: “Can it be made to send a custom IM first?” Absolutely yes! So we added the ability to add an optional Notice message that is sent before the items are sent. This lets you explain to the Recipient what they’re about to receive and why. Clearly a good enhancement.

DG Online Sender v1.1 is for sale at the SL Marketplace.

Future Stuff

We are always looking for good ideas to turn into inventions. We’re also always engaged in updating and improving the gadgets and devices we already sell. If you have an idea, a problem or just something you wish you could do, please feel free to send it along to us. We routinely provide the “Idea Inventor” with a lifetime free copy of whatever we invent.

We also have a few other goodies on the drawing board. Stay tuned .. it’s likely to get fun again folks .. and we’re doing everything we can to make sure it does.

Visit the DGP4SL Store on SL Marketplace


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