Whew! Finally! The Return of the DGP4SL Blog

It’s been a long time .. WAY too long .. since I’ve been able to post my thoughts, rants, kvetches and general ruminations on this blog. The reasons are many and varied (and yes, I’ll bore you with all the details) but it sure feels nice to be able to vent again. But first things first, what’s changed and why the Blog is back.

The Move To A New Web Host

(Full details of the web host move and its possible side-effects .. visit HERE)

For many years I’d been a (semi-) loyal customer of Dotster.com. When I first started with them back in 2000 they provided good value for the money, responsive support and a reasonably fast “serve” time for websites. But over time every single one of those attributes went from being a plus to a minus. They stopped being responsive on support, they stopped providing value for the money and they stopped serving web pages and database queries in a reasonable time. In short, they began sucking .. big time.

When I began the DGP4SL Blog, I loaded up WordPress and configured it myself (because their automatic install gave me a version that was WAY down-level). But recently WordPress updated and required a newer version of MySQL database. However Dotster was unwilling to upgrade their MySQL service for my account unless I switched to a newer and more expensive hosting plan … and forfeit my nearly year’s worth of paid-up hosting. So in essence they wanted me to pay double just to upgrade to what was in all honesty what should have been “standard offerings”. Being a cheapskate, I declined their .. ahem .. generous offer.

Well a couple months ago, a hacker realized I was running a down-level version of WordPress and utilized a known security hack to gain access to my blog and turn it into a virus downloader. (DAMN! Why some people find fun in doing stuff like that just confounds me!) I would have moved the whole website to a new hosting service immediately, except for one small issue.

A Peek Behind The Curtain

For those that don’t know me (the meat me) very well, I need to share a bit of personal info. I’ve been facing a number of health challenges for most of my life, but in the last three years they’ve gotten pretty obtuse. From time to time I run into “rough spells” that pretty much take me down .. sometimes turning me into basically a human paperweight for a week or more at a time. It’s annoying at the least, and it does pose some concerns with my Second Life and support of my customers, but I’m happy to report that I’ve yet to run into anyone that didn’t understand and couldn’t grant me just a bit of extra time to work things out. I have to admit, I’ve met and befriended some damn good people through Second Life. Perhaps that’s part of what keeps me around, eh?

At any rate, back to the point. About the point the hacker “got me” I was in the midst of a rather protracted rough spell. The most I could manage was to basically take the blog offline and wait until I recovered enough to go through the lengthy process of moving the entire DGP4SL.COM domain to a new web hosting service. I tried a couple of times about a month ago, but my body wasn’t back to speed enough for me to manage the whole thing. So .. it waited .. and the DGP4SL Blog sat vacant.

The New Web Host – DreamHost.com

I’ve been a web-geek for a long time. I’ve seen and dealt with a lot of different hosting services and companies. But lately I’ve found they tend to pull up short in a lot of ways. One of my pet peeves with most of them is they seem to adopt the same “Support Psyche” as Linden Lab … that being “Hide as much as you can from the customers because they’re all just basically idiots and would just do stupid things if we gave them any info at all.”

Well the hosting service I’m with now .. DreamHost.com .. is decidedly NOT that way. (Many thanks to Tateru Nino for recommending them btw.) ┬áTheir services are very up to date, comfortably bridge that gap between novice to pro, and have a lighthearted tone to them that makes it enjoyable to read. They tell me when bad things are going to happen … and they don’t pull any punches. They take the approach that people will respond better to bad news if they truly know it’s coming and not discover it by accident when nothing works and everything has gone to sh*t. If you are looking for a company to host your next web site then go check them out. Highly recommended.

What’s In Store For The Future

I’m not entirely sure of the exact details, but I can promise that I’m going to introduce a couple of new products that I’ve released while the Blog was down. I’m going to put a few knives into Linden Lab and the Commerce Dev Team .. and I’m generally going to kvetch and whine a lot just like before. So …

Welcome back. Please make sure you have a complimentary barf bag handy. If there’s anything you need to say to me, at me, about me or that generally might concern me (or not) then feel free to comment, IM or email me. One way or the other I can be reached .. and I might even pay attention too. *wink*

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  1. Inara Pey on Tue, 24th Jul 2012 5:10 PM
  2. Welcome back!

    You’ve been missed. Was worried when the blog vanished. Just make sure you look after yourself.