Unexpected Departures

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Life sometimes surprises us in incredibly unexpected and ultimately very painful ways. When someone you love suddenly leaves this world, especially when they were so young with so much more to enjoy, that departure can be even harder. I know this … or rather knew it already … and today was reminded again in a way that struck so very close to home.

Right around two years ago, five helpless, defenseless souls entered our lives in the most unanticipated manner. Even so, these last two years have been pure delight and awe at the way they moved into and so easily inhabited our hearts. I am speaking of the five kittens we adopted. Allow me to tell their story in a bit more depth.

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Bee-da-WOOP! Bee-da-WOOP!

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That sound reached right into my dream-state and pulled me back into reality. It’s the sound my computer makes when I receive a new email message. With all the automated devices that email me status reports, and all the sites and processes I have set up for automatic monitoring, I get a few handfuls of emails per day. Add on the various forums, blogs and other personal email messages and it’s a sound that occurs on a slow but regular rhythm.

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Newest Member of the DG Flyer Teleporter Family

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We’re always adding products to our growing catalog. Today we’re happy to announce our newest release .. the DG Omega Flyer. A member of the very popular DG Flyer series, the DG Omega Flyer uses the same favor-winning technology for the most rapid and reliable Teleporters available in Second Life. Just like the DG Flyer, DG Flyer ST and the DG InstaFlyer, the DG Omega Flyer is able to teleport parties of up to six avatars at one time. The first person to “Sit” on the Omega Flyer becomes the “Driver” and will be shown the destination menu. Another five avatars may then sit on the Omega Flyer and teleport along with the Driver.

Priced at L$375, the DG Omega Flyer is available from the SL Marketplace or at our In-World Teleporter store. If you need a teleporter to fit your Greek or Ancient World themed decor then the DG Omega Flyer is the best choice you can make.


Mutant Internet

I do realize that anytime someone mentions the term “Mutant” in regards Second Life, most folks immediately conjure up a mental image of some malformed and horribly beautiful avatar that makes your stomach roll and your face break out in an approving smile. But in this particular situation I’m using the term “Mutant Internet” as a way of indicating the future of the Internet … as in “it’s mutating and gaining new powers.” So are you even more confused? Well then read on and I’ll try my best to unconfuse you.

(BTW: The inspiration for this post came from a comment posted by Aeonix Aeon (AKA Will Burns, AKA Darian Knight) on my post “More Steam Cap’n“.)

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Fleep’s Right-On Thoughts

Thanks to Crap Mariner’s post today, I had the intense pleasure of reading a blog post from a fellow SL’er that shook me like shoving my tongue into a wall socket .. but in a good way. Fleep Tuque (AKA Chris M. Collins) is one of those people that participated and contributed to the early days, the vitality and diversity and wonder of Second Life. In her post titled “Why Anyone Who Cares About the Metaverse Needs to Move Beyond Second Life; Now, Not Later“, Fleep captures in most elegant words the wonder and why-for that caused a lot of us to fall head over heels in love with Second Life.

If you read nothing else today, make sure you read her post. If it doesn’t have the same “smack my forehead” reaction as it did for me then you need to read it again and again and again … until it DOES make you realize … the Future is OURS to make. And with Fleep’s words to light our path, the direction is clear as can be.

More Steam, Cap’n!

It’s been just under a week since my first post on the news that Second Life was listing itself in the Steam catalog of titles. (If you haven’t already, it might help some to go read that post first. Steam Powered Second Life) Since that post, I have been reading many comments and blog posts from others regarding the subject. As usually happens in a diverse community such as that inhabiting Second Life, opinions and predictions wander from one pole to the other. But there are some points that seem to be pushing their way to the forefront that I think bear some review … and possibly a bit of rebuttal/clarification.

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Here We Grow

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Since we first opened the doors on DG Products for Second Life, the various company duties fell to the original staff. In fact, over the past two years or so, the original staff has handled everything that needed to be done … more or less. Unfortunately that often meant “less”, and periodically a lot less. To be specific, the most glaring hole in our company operation has been the lack of anyone capable of carrying out the duties of Product Marketing and Sales.

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Steam Powered Second Life

In case it escaped your notice, Linden Lab very quietly announced that they will soon make the Second Life Virtual World available via the online gaming portal known as Steam. If you’re not familiar with Steam and its slice of the internet-enabled population then it would be wise to take a few moments to wander around their site and get an idea of what they offer and more to the point, what they feature.

Welcome To Steam – Click to open the Steam Home Page


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A Word About Comments

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Each and every day I get somewhere between 3 and 20 comments added to various posts. However if you wander down the comments that appear on each post you’ll notice the number showing is much lower. Why is that? The answer is quite simple .. SPAM!

This blog, the posts within and the whole gist is about Second Life, Linden Lab and what it takes to live and do business in a Virtual World. If your comment is kissing my backside, trying to get your URL listed to increase your incoming links (for SEO purposes) or not related to the topics at hand .. don’t waste your time or mine by posting it here.

Every comment that is from a first-time contributor goes into the Moderation Queue. If you take the tack of complimenting me for my writing style and mention how your brother/sister/fiancee or best friend recommended you read my blog, your comment won’t be approved. If you call me by a name that isn’t mine, cutting room floor time. If your comment seems like you were having an out of body experience and imagining some completely random scenario as you posted your comment … SNIP!

Yeah, I know that  it’s 99% Bots that post these things, but really why waste the time doing it.

Okay, that’s off my chest. Have a good day everyone. *waves*

You Trust Me, Right?

I don’t mean me personally. I hope you do trust me, at least trust me enough to consider what I write as being rational (mostly) and accurate (always). But that question up top is really meant to make you stop and think about who you do trust in the Virtual World of Second Life … and why you trust them. Specifically do you trust Linden Lab? To the point, do you trust the SL Marketplace and the people that are responsible for programming and supporting it?

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