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Since we first opened the doors on DG Products for Second Life, the various company duties fell to the original staff. In fact, over the past two years or so, the original staff has handled everything that needed to be done … more or less. Unfortunately that often meant “less”, and periodically a lot less. To be specific, the most glaring hole in our company operation has been the lack of anyone capable of carrying out the duties of Product Marketing and Sales.

Letting The World Know

At the heart of the Marketing and Sales duties of any company is getting the word out about your products. However we’re all techies and really don’t have any talent at making and maintaining contacts, preaching to the masses about the virtues of our products, and generally firing up and running an ongoing campaign to get our products into the minds and hands of potential customers. Thus we recently decided to add someone to handle those duties. (And in case you’re really wondering … yes, adding one more person to our staff exactly doubles the number of people working for DGP4SL.)

Without Further Ado …

I recently met Ms. Lisa Baxton by way of the Rental Beam product. Although it is a feature rich and easy to use product, market penetration of Rental Beam into the hippoRENT owners community has been virtually nil. Lisa had discovered the Rental Beam system and, thinking it might help her provide a new service for her tenants, she contacted me to ask if certain specific features were available. At the time the features she wanted were not available, but since we’re always looking for ways to improve or enhance all of our products, I took the time to work out with Ms. Baxton exactly what she wanted and how she would like to use it in her own business. Before too much longer we announced the addition of Land Groups to the Rental Beam system.

Of course she didn’t stop there. Over the last month she has suggested several more very interesting and unique features that should eventually show up in the product, and of course all current customers will receive free updates once they are released. But her quick mind and fertile imagination were not the only things that made her stand out. She also has an incredibly energetic personality that makes people pay attention when she has something to say. And we listened.

Effective Immediately

Effective Monday, August 20th, 2012, Lisa Baxton is taking on the responsibilities of Marketing and Sales for the DGP4SL Product line. She will initially focus on developing the market for the Rental Beam product. She is also authorized to sell the product directly with all purchases of DGP4SL products made through her qualifying for our standard support and maintenance programs.

If you are interested in the Rental Beam product or any of our other products, you can contact Ms. Baxton via email, or by sending her an In-World IM.

Coming Soon – Affiliate Vendors

A request that I’ve received from time to time over the past two years is that I provide some form of Affiliate Vendor so that others might sell some of my other products. Now that I’m using the iGlom RDS system to capture sales from the SL Marketplace, I’ve also found that I can link an in-world affiliate vendor to the RDS system and thus not only keep accurate records of every sale but also provide full redelivery and update services for those sales. The value added by providing accurate record keeping and customer-controlled redelivery is the “key” that I’ve been wanting from an affiliate vendor. As a result we will soon be offering ¬†affiliate vendors for select DGP4SL products that are available through the SL Marketplace.

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