Newest Member of the DG Flyer Teleporter Family

August 27, 2012 by
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We’re always adding products to our growing catalog. Today we’re happy to announce our newest release .. the DG Omega Flyer. A member of the very popular DG Flyer series, the DG Omega Flyer uses the same favor-winning technology for the most rapid and reliable Teleporters available in Second Life. Just like the DG Flyer, DG Flyer ST and the DG InstaFlyer, the DG Omega Flyer is able to teleport parties of up to six avatars at one time. The first person to “Sit” on the Omega Flyer becomes the “Driver” and will be shown the destination menu. Another five avatars may then sit on the Omega Flyer and teleport along with the Driver.

Priced at L$375, the DG Omega Flyer is available from the SL Marketplace or at our In-World Teleporter store. If you need a teleporter to fit your Greek or Ancient World themed decor then the DG Omega Flyer is the best choice you can make.


Visit the DGP4SL Store on SL Marketplace


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