Steam Punked

We have always, since as long as I can remember, spent a good amount of time trying to understand what on Earth has possessed the upper management at Linden Lab. By “We” I mean myself and the general blogging population out here. While some of us are content to sniff around at LL’s heels and put up any scraps they drop while calling it “reporting”, those with an actual brain in their skulls prefer trying to be out ahead of the barreling avalanche.

Sure, some of us have some pretty wild thoughts. Some of us are even accused of being mentally unbalanced. (Waves hand!) But I’m reminded of the fact that today’s best fighter jets are as nimble as they are simply because they ARE totally unbalanced … and then I feel all better. But anyway, sometimes the imbalance that passes for my thought process also sometimes comes up with stuff that just might actually be right. And that’s when I post it here and try to pass it off as reality. And so we come to today’s wild-ass theory.

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I’m Quite Frankly Befuddled … And Wrong

September 8, 2012 by · 2 Comments
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(Today’s post begins with a follow-on to the latest mysterious move by Linden Lab .. the “Gagging” of the SL JIRA service. For reference please read my two prior posts on this subject: “Today Marks The End of Second Life” and “I Feel Sorry For You Rodvik“.)

I’m still frothing at the mouth about LL’s change to the way bugs are reported to them. Whereas the JIRA System was often prone to off-topic rants, flames and routinely devolved into rambling opinion-fests, they still had a vital role in the way Second Life dealt with the inevitable technical issues. It really didn’t take a lot of effort to mentally filter out the “noise” to understand the basic details of the issue. In fact, recognizing the amount and ferocity of that “noise” was usually integral to understanding the importance of an issue. After all, if a small handful of folks post cold, factual reports with complete detail and no “fluff” then it’s obviously not something that has widespread impact or that threatens basic operation of the platform for a lot of people. But an issue that immediately gets 100’s of Watchers, turns into a spit-ball fest and forces the LL crew to delete a few “improperly worded” comments … that’s an issue that someone needs to address like RIGHT NOW!

Think of it like walking through the forest. If a single bee comes out of nowhere and stings you, you’re likely to say “Ouch!” and keep right on trucking. But if a swarm of 1000 bees suddenly jumps you and starts leaving welts all over your body, that’s damn good evidence you need to change direction in a big hurry. Yup, them stings hurt, but they also certainly served well to let you know you were heading in the wrong direction.

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I Feel Sorry For You Rodvik

September 7, 2012 by · 3 Comments
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In my last post “Today Marks The End Of Second Life“, I gave my interpretation and prediction for the coming year based on Linden Lab’s most recent Whisper-Quake decision. (In typical LL fashion, they gave no prior notice, announced it in very few places and in a manner that would reach the absolute minimum number of Second Life customers. Thus why I call it a “Whisper Quake”.) I also gave a very short list of what every responsible SL Merchant and Resident should be doing to protect themselves against what now appears to be the death rattles of the Second Life virtual world.

This post approaches the same circumstances but from an entirely different perspective. To my way of thinking, it’s horribly irresponsible to predict something as drastic as the imminent closure of Second Life and not also provide information about the near future of the DG Products for Second Life product line and all the wonderful customers we’ve gained over the past few years. Thus today I will endeavor to do exactly that … explain to you exactly what you can expect to see and what will happen to your investments in our products.

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Today Marks The End of Second Life

September 6, 2012 by · 10 Comments
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I’ve developed a bit of a reputation as a Doom-Sayer and all-around fun-killer when it comes to Second Life. Some of that has been earned I guess, but until today I’ve never actually predicted the imminent demise of Second Life. Today I am doing just that. Second Life is dead. There is no more hope. Cash out your Linden Dollars as fast as you can. Backup your creations and start looking for another Virtual World to inhabit. Today! NOW!

And why is it I raise such an alarm? Why is it that today I’ve decided that we must shuffle off this virtual coil with all due haste?

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