The Focus of Interest

A number of years ago, before the Dot-Com bubble burst, all the excitement in the investment and media industries was about the possibility that anyone with a half-decent idea could become an overnight success. With no more effort than some deep thinking and the right concept, an entire digital kingdom could be created and turned into a never-ending money machine. The ability to “print money” without the need for hard goods and sweaty, grinding labor was a Golden Goose worthy of chasing with every penny available.

But then the general insecurity of money people along with the inevitable missteps and bad ideas turned the Golden Goose into an albatross around the digital industry’s neck. The giant sucking sound of the investors running away was heard in every financial back room around the globe. It was logical and overall fiscally responsible, but it left the industry in an interesting predicament that persists to this day: Hunting The Fabled Golden Goose.

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Are You Giving Stuff Away For Free?

October 18, 2012 by · Comments Off on Are You Giving Stuff Away For Free?
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It’s not something we mind doing in most cases, giving stuff away for free. Loss-leaders, Freebie Promotional Items, and the like are common and useful marketing devices we all employ from time to time. But when the SL Marketplace chooses to give our stuff away for free, and especially when it chooses to give away very expensive stuff, it can be both disconcerting and very damaging.

We put our heads together and decided to do something to help combat this problem. I’ve written before about a product that I first discovered and then joined up with called the “iGlom RDS System”. Originally designed to let customers obtain redeliveries of their SLM purchases without needing to contact the Merchant directly, the RDS System has grown over time to include comprehensive sales reports, full record-keeping of sales and other advanced functions that are missing from the features offered by the Marketplace.

The new feature, an enhancement of the basic and very simple “OnRez” scripts available from various sources, combines the ability to detect and record rez, wear and attach events for your products with the full sales records of the RDS. Because it uses a database to store the events, it also provides historical data, the ability to capture and report multiple events, and correlate product purchases with customer usage.

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The “List”

Open up your dresser drawer, a cupboard in your workshop, the trunk of your car … and without much effort you can quickly organize the contents of any of those into a List. Lists are very convenient assemblies of related items arranged in some order or sequence that makes them easy to communicate, easy to manage and very easy to memorize. Lists are overall very handy. If you’ve ever been shopping, performed a task with more than two steps, or put together a kit of some sort then you’ve no doubt created and/or depended on a List. All in all, they’re very handy things.

But from time to time, we humans engage in creating a type of List that really should not be put together. It’s not that the members of the list are so unrelated as to defy arrangement in a list format, nor that organizing the members into a list does not help understand their relationship to each other. It’s more the purpose of the List, how it is created, why it is created and by what process it gets updated and managed. The type of List I’m talking about is … the “List of Very Bad People in Second Life”.

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Sipping From A Firehose

There is an old and very crude joke that I drag out from time to time. The punchline to the joke is “… the only thing I remember seeing is that poor monkey trying to shove the cork back in.” (If you’d like to know the full joke, just send me an email via the site contact address and I’ll reply with a copy. Just be forewarned it’s definitely NSFW.)

I mention the joke because it is very much in keeping with the situation that Linden Lab could very well face in the short-term future. If LL follows through on their CEO’s comments, if CTL does change their long-standing habit of deafening silence, they can expect to spend a good part of each work day trying to shove the cork back in.

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