Ahhh … Gotcha!

Recently Linden Lab changed the way they allow people to use and view their Bug Reporting tool. Called “JIRA”, it’s a product designed for bug tracking and revision tracking for software projects. Of all the packages out there for such a purpose, Atlassian’s JIRA software is in the upper echelon for configurability and popularity. Unfortunately that flexibility is not always used wisely.

So Many Choices My Brain Hurts

One of those points of flexibility is in the Status field in each Issue. (In JIRA-speak, an “Issue” is a single bug report.) When you first create a new BUG Report, the status is set to the default “Awaiting Review”. To the uninitiated, that would indicate that it’s sitting in the inbox waiting for someone to take a look at it. The assumption that follows from that is that as soon as someone looks at it, it will change to some other status. Similar to how Email changes from “Unread” to “Read”, an Issue should change from “Awaiting Review” to … well .. something else. But often an Issue will sit there for days, weeks, months, and in some cases years and still have the same “Awaiting Review” status.

Needless to say this results in some serious anger from the Original Reporter of the Issue. After all, a BUG Report is something deemed important. It could even be downright “hair on fire, people are dying” level of importance. And yet it will sit there looking for all the world like no one at Linden Lab has even bothered to open it and give it a quick read. Talk about ultimate in disrespect! Harrumph!

Comes The Light

But today I got a tiny education in how the JIRA system actually works. You see that status is really pretty much meaningless … at least when it comes to knowing if someone has read your BUG Report or not. I was informed that “Awaiting Review” is where a new BUG Report stays until it is Triaged. That means until they bring it up at a meeting, decide on whether or not to take action on it and develop some plan of attack, that status will stay put.

So what “Awaiting Review” really means is “We read it, but we haven’t decided when, what or even if we’re gonna do anything about it. Color me confused but that just seems wrong. Isn’t a “Review” the initial cursory reading that new BUG Reports get just so folks at the Lab know what is on fire today? Apparently the answer is “No”. Apparently “Review” is once they’ve all had a confab and decided what they’re gonna do next. Somehow that just seems backwards. But then, I’ve long since given up trying to understand why Linden Lab does the things they do. These days I’m just content to know they are doing something.

And after today’s raft of Severe Bugs that showed up in the Magnum Server rollout, it’s clear they are doing … something. *sigh*

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2 Comments on Ahhh … Gotcha!

  1. Frank on Wed, 26th Dec 2012 12:55 PM
  2. Forget Second Life. I tried it and what a waste of time. And not to mention all the rude and abusive people that abound.

    People addicted to SL waste too much time there instead of in being productive citizens in real life.

  3. Darrius Gothly on Wed, 26th Dec 2012 11:22 PM
  4. *sigh* … For every “In”, I guess there’s gotta be an “Out”. Happy New Year Frank.