Yet More Virtual Landmarks

It’s barely been two weeks since we announced the release of our newest product, but already we’ve been tweaking and adding. *sigh* Fine! We’re never happy. Tough! But at least you all get the benefit of our manic habits. In today’s post we announce a few more things happening with Virtual Landmarks, and some that just might interest you too.

(Pssst … there’s a freebie version available now too. Read below about the new Promotional Version of Virtual Landmarks …)

Yet Another New Gizmo

Among today’s announcements is news of yet another new gizmo that is part of the VLMVW Family. Called the Store Navigator HUD, the newest device is designed specifically with store owners in mind.

When you attract a customer, it’s no great news that you want to keep that customer coming back time and time again. The traditional method has been to include a Landmark in your product packaging, give out Landmarks in your In-World Store, include Landmarks and SLurls in your web site, blogs and other online sources … in fact any place you could direct people to where they can find your stuff. Now that you can use Virtual Landmarks, all the old methods can now be replaced with VLMs and VLMurls. But technology can give you a new method too. And that’s what makes the new Store Navigator HUD special.

Like any HUD, your Customer “wears” the Store Navigator HUD. Immediately they have full access to some very important information about your In-World Locations. Like the Store Kiosk, the Navigator HUD displays the Location Images you set for each VLM Location; it also displays the Title you set. But it also goes further, giving you the ability to add more than one VLM. The Navigator can be setup with all of your VLMs. It will then display all the Locations assigned to those VLMs.

So there ya go! One solution provides complete up-to-date locations and instant teleport to all your In-World Stores. Once configured, you can give the Navigator away to any and all, and they can pass it along to their friends as well. How’s that for handy?

New Online Documentation

Along with the growth in the VLMVW Product Family, we’ve also added a new Quick Reference page to the VLMVW web site. Several folks have mentioned that they wanted a simpler, easier to read set of instructions that helps them get started with Virtual Landmarks. So we made one.

You can find the new page at Quick Reference – Using VLMVW™

Promotional Version

We also heard from a lot of people that they wanted a way to try out Virtual Landmarks without sinking money into it. Being a big fan of demos ourselves, we decided it was a good idea. So we made one.

Available from the SL Marketplace is a new Promotional Business Package of Virtual Landmarks. Included in the package are all the devices needed to try out Virtual Landmarks for yourself. Including:

  • 5 VLMs – Create up to five VLMs with up to 8 Locations each
  • VLMVW Beacon – Automatically update VLM Locations
  • Store Kiosk – Configure and place in your In-World Stores
  • Navigator HUD – Give away to Customers
  • Creation of Wearable VLMs – Hand them out just like normal Landmarks but with all the VLM advantages
  • VLMurls – Use Virtual SLurls in your blog, web site and SLM Product Listings
  • VLM Statistics – Track usage of your VLMs and VLMurls

The package also includes a 30-Day Promotional Subscription. When it expires, all your VLMs will be kept on file but will be deactivated until you convert to one of the regular VLMVW Packages. Give VLMs a try, find out how much they can benefit you … and then decide if they meet your needs.

The new Promotional version is available from the SL Marketplace as VLMVW – FREEBIE Business Promo

VLMVW SLM FREEBIE Promo Version Product Image

Visit the DGP4SL Store on SL Marketplace


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