Important Pricing Changes in VLMVW

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There are always two basic perspectives when pricing a new product. They are variously known as “High Price/Low Volume” and the opposite “Low Price/High Volume”. When we first released the VLMVW System that provides our Virtual Landmarks solution for Second Life, we chose to adopt the former pricing structure. But after listening to the feedback from our customers, we have changed pricing models.

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They Just Don’t “Get It”

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Today I do something I don’t often do, pierce the wall that separates the real world from the mostly fictional world of our Second Lives. I generally try to keep a certain level of “Professional Detachment”, but I’m also someone that tends to connect at a purely emotional level with people. It can sometimes lead to problems, but for the most part I wouldn’t want to live my life any other way.

Because of the various events in my life, I am currently in a situation in which I spend great amounts of time flat on my back watching TV. A good number of those hours of passive informational input are dedicated to news programs. Lately they’ve been grinding over an issue that seems to have their fascination up, but also proves just how horribly out of touch the News Media are with the digital age and the shape of Internet Humanity.

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Getting Your Delivery Box Right

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Selling your products in Second Life is a surprisingly complicated process that involves many different activities. From making sure you have all the proper parts in the box, to setting the proper permissions, to naming things and labeling things so they make sense, it’s a sometimes tedious process of double- and triple-checking mundane details.

It’s long been our belief at DGP4SL that the real purpose of computers is to help us poor hapless humans do things better and with less error (and more speed when possible). Because computers are tireless and don’t get bored or bleary-eyed, they make excellent detail checkers. Most everyone is familiar with common spell-checkers; some folks are even experienced with grammar checkers. But very few of us are familiar with other forms of automated detail checkers.

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Parcels Dropped from In-World Search

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Once again we have another incident of many Parcels being dropped from In-World Search. This time around it appears to have happened coincident with the rollout of the Magnum RC Server software yesterday (Thursday, January 17th) as every Magnum Region I’ve checked is now gone from Search.

If you are on Magnum then I recommend checking for your Parcel using any of your Keywords. If you are using the Search Bot V2 device then it will have reported to you a message like “(Parcel Not Found in Results)”. The Rank History graph will also show a red line heading toward the bottom and a rank number of zero.

If you have been affected, please file a new BUG Report at the Second Life JIRA website. Create a new Issue and, at the bottom of the form (you’ll have to scroll down to see all the entries) make sure you select “Second Life Website” and “Search” for the two “Where” selections.

SL Marketplace – Where To Next?

It’s been quite some time since the Second Life Marketplace shoved the long-lived XStreet off the top of the hill and took over the daily duties of providing offline sales of products meant to be used in Second Life. During its initial planning and development a number of features were promised, suggested, dreamed about and planned that would give the Marketplace an advantage over not only its direct predecessor, but also any 3rd party competitors.

As most people know, a majority of those features have never seen the light of day. There are a number of reasons for this, but I’ve always been of the opinion that the primary reason was that they released it way too early … and way before it was “Road Ready”. With the benefit of hindsight, it’s much more clear as to why they rushed it out the door. So before we dig into the primary topic of today’s post, let’s take a brief walk down memory lane.

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Be Careful What You Wish For …

I have to start off by admitting that my thoughts are still on a whirlwind path through all the ramifications of the blogs and posts I’ve read in the past day. As often happens with me, I gather a number of “seeds” from the many sources of information I have available, then plant those seeds and allow them to grow for a bit before I reap the crop. But today’s post is a bit different in that I’ve only just planted those seeds … and already the crops are sprouting weeds that are overtaking me faster than I can chop them down and cook them up.

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Second Life In-World Search Refresh

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One of the resources available to Merchants and Sellers within Second Life is the In-World Search facility. While some people may be familiar with how it works and what it does, I’ve found that a lot of people treat it with a good amount of trepidation and fear. It’s really not that difficult to get control of though, as long as you understand what it does, how it works and how you can best utilize it for your business. Today’s post will serve as a refresher on the SL In-World Search facility and give you some basic pointers on how it can be used to help promote your business to prospective customers.

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Mish-Mash and Random Stuff

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Wake up folks, it’s 2013 already. Here we are nearly 1/6th of the way through the 21st Century. Wow! Kinda brings things into perspective when you think of it that way, huh? So in keeping with the concept that things are relative, there’s a thought that’s been bouncing off my brain for a while, and just now while watching one of the many 1000’s of hours of educational TV that is my primary pastime lately, I figured it was time to finally put it into words.

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