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There are always two basic perspectives when pricing a new product. They are variously known as “High Price/Low Volume” and the opposite “Low Price/High Volume”. When we first released the VLMVW System that provides our Virtual Landmarks solution for Second Life, we chose to adopt the former pricing structure. But after listening to the feedback from our customers, we have changed pricing models.


We have made a number of changes in the VLMVW Product lineup. Not only have we significantly reduced the price of the Unlimited version, but we have also reduced the number of Product Options available. There are now only two versions of the VLMVW System available. They are:

  • The Unlimited Version – This version of the VLMVW System allows for an unlimited number of VLMs to be created and has no account expiration date. We have also reduced the price by more than 90%. The VLMVW Unlimited Version now sells for L$499 and is available from the SL Marketplace.
  • The Freebie Business Promo Version – This version remains the same in price, account length and features. In other words, it remains free, allows you to create up to 5 VLMs and provides a 30 day trial period. This allows you to test out the VLM system free of charge to see if it works for you. It is also available from the SL Marketplace.

Changes to Existing VLMVW Accounts

If you have already purchased the VLMVW Basic Version, the limit on the number of VLMs you may create has been removed. This means you may now create as many VLMs as you wish, however your account will still expire at the original expiration date. You should have received an IM from the VLMVW Account Manager informing you about this change and reminding you of your account expiration date. Additionally we are extending an offer to convert your account to a full Lifetime Unlimited account for an additional L$200. This is the difference between the original price of the Basic Version and the new price for the Lifetime Unlimited Version. Please contact Darrius Gothly via IM if you wish to take advantage of this limited time special offer.

If you purchased either of the other two VLMVW Versions (the Small or Medium Business versions) then your account has been automatically converted to a Lifetime Unlimited and you have been refunded the difference between the price you paid and the new price of the Lifetime Unlimited Version. You should have received an IM from the VLMVW Account Manager with this information as well as receiving a refund.

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