Parcels Dropped from In-World Search

January 18, 2013 by
Filed under: Linden Lab and Second Life, SL In-World Search 

Once again we have another incident of many Parcels being dropped from In-World Search. This time around it appears to have happened coincident with the rollout of the Magnum RC Server software yesterday (Thursday, January 17th) as every Magnum Region I’ve checked is now gone from Search.

If you are on Magnum then I recommend checking for your Parcel using any of your Keywords. If you are using the Search Bot V2 device then it will have reported to you a message like “(Parcel Not Found in Results)”. The Rank History graph will also show a red line heading toward the bottom and a rank number of zero.

If you have been affected, please file a new BUG Report at the Second Life JIRA website. Create a new Issue and, at the bottom of the form (you’ll have to scroll down to see all the entries) make sure you select “Second Life Website” and “Search” for the two “Where” selections.

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