A Really Good Second Life Viewer Idea

We’re all familiar with at least one SL Viewer. An SL Viewer is the client program that runs on your PC and allows you to log into and move around inside the Second Life Virtual World. Linden Lab maintains a list of SL Viewers that are authorized to log into and interact with their platform. Of course you can also use their official viewer. All SL Viewers are incredibly difficult for most people to use because navigating around inside and using a Virtual World is a complex task. With that in mind, I’ve always been a big supporter of ideas and features that make it easier for people to use Second Life and whichever viewer they choose.

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Wanton and Willful Fraud by Linden Lab

I have been silent for several months now. During my silence I have been working on a post that would be my “welcome back” contribution. That post was to have given a few kudos to the development team that oversees the Second Life Marketplace. Alas, that post will never see the light of day now. It will remain forever a grand ideal that has been buried because of behavior by the same development team … behavior that goes beyond the merely incompetent and strides firmly into the realm of legally actionable fraud. Fraud that is not just annoying but deals with amounts of money that go well into the felony level of damages.
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