Endings … And Beginnings

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It is true that in order for something new to begin that something old must end. As proof we offer the end of our Main Store.

For more than 3 years we’ve maintained an in-world store on the Dirty Pleasures Region. The Main Store sold a large variety of our products … in truth everything we make and sell was available there. Unfortunately time has moved along and the owner of the Sim had encountered a situation that prevented them from continuing to hold onto it.

Best Laid Plans …

I had intended to write this post, make some changes and then stage a week-long sale discounting everything. My hopes were that I’d be able to recoup something in the way of sales. Well, as the section title explains … Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men seldom go as planned.

Last night things changed in rapid and drastic ways. As a result, I chose to simply empty the Main Store and vacate the parcel. So if you still have a Landmark to where the Main Store was located, it will take you to an empty lot. Sorry ’bout that Chief!

The Beginning …

As promised in the Tease, the end of the Main Store has also inspired a new “beginning”. It’s now time to reveal what that is.

DGP4SL is beginning the process of leaving Second Life.

For a long time now I have been incredibly upset with the methods used by Linden Lab to “manage” their Second Life platform. While I see groups such as the Sim Server developers working tirelessly to improve the stability of their product, by and large Linden Lab acts in ways that indicate they would prefer it if the entire hot mess just magically vanished down the toilet.

Since coming on board as CEO, Rod Humble has done one thing exceptionally well … fragment the company into chasing down and creating new products that satiate his desires to create his own game company. It’s as if he somehow needs to get back at the people at EA for letting him go (or letting him get away, depending on which version of the story you believe), but he’s done nothing with as much vim and vigor as he has turned Linden Lab into a developer of new games that loosely provide the “End=User Creativity” label.

Of course, the one product that Linden Lab already owns that absolutely made the whole product universe happen … that product Mr. Humble is perfectly willing to abandon. But his new “children”? Heavens no! Those new properties are going to be advertised and promoted to the point of distraction.

Time to Start Pulling Out

As many have said over the years, “If you’re so unhappy DG then just get the f**k out of Second Life and quit yer bitchin.” So that’s what I’m doing. I am going to start pulling products that require long-term ongoing support, and letting the various subscriptions expire that keep me anchored to Second Life. Unlike Linden Lab, I refuse to simply dump my customers into the wilderness with no support or capability whatsoever. Those people that have paid for service over the coming months will continue to receive that service. Money paid .. By God service should be delivered!

But very soon I am not going to permit renewing any of those services. So over time  as existing subscriptions expire, without a means to renew those services, the customer base will shrink and eventually … it will fall off to zero.

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7 Comments on Endings … And Beginnings

  1. Inara Pey on Mon, 12th Aug 2013 4:54 PM
  2. I’m really sorry to read this. I’m not sure I agree with your view of LL – although I can well understand where you’re coming from.

    However, that’s not important.

    The important thing is that we have one another’s contact details, so lets make sure departure doesn’t mean “goodbye”.

  3. Yordie Sands on Tue, 13th Aug 2013 10:01 AM
  4. Hi Darrius… I understand your feelings about SL issues and the Lab’s attitudes, and I sympathize with your need to just walk away. I’ve read your blog for several years and I’ve identified with many of the issues you’ve spotlighted. Leaving SL will be liberating for you but I hope you allow yourself the possibility of being involved in the future. Regardless of the future, best wishes to you.

  5. Dusky Jewell on Tue, 13th Aug 2013 10:09 AM
  6. I am also sorry to read this, as I have read your blog for about 2 years now, used your tools, and followed your comments on the forums. I had similar thoughts about SL, and left the grid for over a year. This break, although intended to be permanent, has rejuvenated my interest in returning. I look forward to VR tech such as Oculus Rift. I hope that you will return. Thanks for your insight, and your search tools.

  7. Darrius Gothly on Tue, 13th Aug 2013 6:27 PM
  8. Thank you all very much for your kind words and compliments. I do still have my Teleporter Store open on the SeaBreeze Oasis region and I will still maintain items for sale on the Marketplace … for a time. The real deciding factor for me is my physical strength and ability to deal with all the machetes flying around in RL these days. Above all else, let me say that the citizens, the occupants, the customers that have made Second Life the truly magical, amazing, wondrous, phenomenal place that it is are the one and only reason that I harbor any desire to stick it out day in and day out. If Linden Lab ever gets that through their thick skulls, maybe they’ll turn around the best investment they’ve ever pissed away. Hopefully!

  9. Czari Zenovka on Thu, 15th Aug 2013 4:53 PM
  10. I totally understand Darrius. From reading this entry I don’t get the sense you plan to, but PLEASE do not delete your avatar!!!!! Don’t make me beg now. 😉

  11. Dee Kass on Thu, 29th Aug 2013 8:33 AM
  12. Well you got to do what you got to do… I’ll be using your products until they break

  13. Darrius Gothly on Thu, 29th Aug 2013 8:46 AM
  14. Thank you Dee. I’ve just renewed the domain and hosting service for another year, so things will continue to work at least that much longer. My intent is to keep them running as long as Linden Lab keeps their servers running too.