It’s About Communication .. and Trust

Yesterday I was startled and dismayed to find that the HTML web pages generated for each Parcel in Second Life had been changed. As I wrote in my post on this issue (Another Major SL Search Borking), the net result was that all of my SEO Tools had been irrevocably broken. Imagine my surprise when I looked today to find that all of my SEO Tools are working again. After checking my email to see if anyone at Linden Lab had seen fit to notify me about the goings on, I was of course not surprised to find nothing.

So This Means What?

So I’m left wondering exactly what transpired yesterday, and what will happen in the future? The fact that no one bothered to contact me, or for that matter anyone in the SEO Business within Second Life, about the changes coming leaves me with a severely cramped backside. It leaves me wondering just when they’ll stop supporting the existing apps and devices. It makes me worry and wonder and think seriously about my next step.

Although honestly it’s not really much of a tough think…

Building On Unstable Ground

Okay, so maybe folks in San Francisco are used to building on decidedly shaky, unstable ground. Maybe it’s because half the city is planted on marshland and quagmire that just happens to be semi-stable … this week. But for me, I refuse to continue trying to build a stable business on ground that is likely to liquify and go submarine at any second.

Yesterday, Linden Lab pulled a very nasty trick on me AND on my customers. For a short time they broke everything. And what’s worse is they didn’t bother to tell anyone anything about what was coming. It’s not like it’s tough to send me an email saying “Yo Dude! Stuffs gonna get broken for a bit today. Don’t sweat it, it’ll be working by tomorrow.” But did they? Nope.

Do I trust them to keep it working? Nope.

Am I going to let them make a fool of me again like that? NOPE!

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