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It’s bad enough that over the years I’ve been living, working and creating in Second Life that I’ve had to do continual battle with the often myopic Decision Makers at Linden Lab, but sometimes I wind up having to push hard against some unfathomable reticence from my fellow Residents.

Good Ideas (Do Not) Abound

Good Ideas are tough things to come by sometimes. I don’t mean those random thoughts that fly past you when you’re sitting on the porcelain throne or that peek at you around the waking/sleeping corner. No, I mean those ideas that really and truly could make a major difference in simplifying a usually arduous and downright dreadful chore. Those type of really Good Ideas are somewhat more rare than hen’s teeth. So when a really good one comes along, you want to grab it and make it reality as quickly as possible.

Virtual Landmarks

Sometime back, July of 2012 to be exact, one of my fellow Residents came up with just such a Good Idea. Toysoldier Thor cooked up this concept that he called “Virtual Landmarks” or VLMs. He took it to the Community using the Second Life Merchants forum. You can read the conversation that followed .. and that continues even now .. in the Merchants section. (Click here to open the thread in a new Tab or Window of your Browser.)

A Solution For Tomorrow

One drawback to Toy’s idea though is that it requires the developers at Linden Lab to add a new feature and task to their schedule. And it’s not an internally developed idea or something created within their walls, it comes from a lowly Peasant .. errrr, I mean Resident. I don’t need to mention how seldom LL actually does something a Resident suggests. I don’t need to mention it because to my recollection they’ve never once taken a Resident-created idea or concept and turned it into reality. If anything, they have a better track record of doing the exact OPPOSITE to what the Residents want.

So implementing VLMs the “Right Way” will take action by the Lab’s dev teams. That’s something that can confidently be predicted to show up “Tomorrow”. If you remember the old saw then you’ll also quickly realize “Tomorrow Never Comes” .. primarily because when it does arrive, it’s now “Today”. *sigh*

A Solution Today

Well it is not in my nature to let good ideas like VLMs wander off the map never to be seen again. Instead I’m the type to grab the idea then smoosh it between pages of my LSL Manual (Okay, okay! Yes, it’s a Wiki! *sheesh*) So I did that. Before long I came up with a solution that can be easily used today. And then I sent demo copies to a number of people. Two handfuls of people.

One of those people tried it.

VLMs Are Working Just Fine

There are two versions of Virtual Landmarks for sale on the SL Marketplace. One of them is a Freebie that you can obtain to test them out for yourself. If you like how they work and want to use them then you can purchase the Unlimited version for L$499.


Freebie Version

VLMVW Freebie


Unlimited Version

VLMVW Unlimited


Visit the DGP4SL Store on SL Marketplace


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