I Don’t “Like” Anything – Am I Okay?

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I suppose I’m something of a Luddite at times. Considering the industry in which I have made my professional career and a majority of my income, you’d think I would get with the program and participate more than most people. But frankly .. I don’t. I just don’t see the point in it. It annoys me, over and over and over again until I’m forced to close the web page and go do something else.

I just HATE those damn “Like” buttons!

No! I Don’t Freakin’ Like It!

Virtually everywhere you turn these days, on the Internet or even off, you’ll run into some sort of little widget or gizmo that demands you record your opinion of whatever nonsensical drivel is splayed out before you. It’s a pet, or a new coat, or a video of someone’s child doing something remarkably charming and unexpected .. or whatever. But above all else are those two damn “Like” and “Don’t Like” buttons.

So here you are, dutifully watching the endless and inane video of someone else’s offspring performing a feat that any self-respecting adult can not only accomplish but would not be caught DEAD doing in public .. let alone recording it and plastering it on a public forum such as Facebook or the like. Yes. Hooray! Your young and rapidly excelling biological replacement being has finally learned how to pull their underwear up so they are properly tensioned AND they are arranged so the little pee-hole flap thingy is in the front and not in the back. Congratulations, your child is now ready to enter politics and begin their nefarious plot to overthrow Civilization. *head-bang*

Why Do You Care?

So tell me what it is about this feat of muscular coordination that demands you know whether I “Like” it or not? What small (or even large) crisis will ensue if you suddenly determine that your friends and acquaintances do not “Like” watching your child encase their privates in the proper item of under clothing? Why in the WORLD does it matter to you if we “Like” watching your barely sentient and clearly hopelessly clumsy offspring do something all of us grown-ups do multiple times per day?

Truth be told, the only people that DO click the “Like” button and register their pleasure at seeing such a common and possibly intimate activity should probably either be carefully profiled by a trained psychoanalyst or addressed as “Gramma”. And do you really need to know if Gramma likes watching the little snot-dribbler demonstrate that yes, indeed, she did purchase the proper size .. this week. (And it helps that after pulling them on, your budding Oscar winner suddenly transforms into some mythical super hero and begins posing as if they are now fully equipped to overcome the most dangerous evil on the planet. Clearly Gramma now has two Kudos on her tab because she not only got the size right, but she also nailed it in her selection of idolized do-gooder.)

So do you really CARE what the rest of us think or feel? Seriously?

Punching The Button

I can probably count the number of times that I’ve clicked the “Like” or “Don’t Like” buttons on one hand. Not just in the last day or week, but in FOREVER! I’m serious. I don’t click those dang things. They not only annoy me, I find them less than useful. And even more to the point, if a lot of people click the “Like” button on something overly obnoxious or even slightly into the “WTF?” zone, does that mean the original sharer will start posting more videos like that? OMFG!

Never mind punching the “Like” or “Don’t Like” buttons, I need to punch something more physically satisfying. I seriously need one of those inflatable punching clowns with sand in the bottom. (BTW: Whatever happened to those things? Did some nosy Social Watchdog decide that anyone that owned one was somehow suppressing murderous rage issues and needed to be captured and incarcerated?)

Closing Thoughts

So now that I’ve vented my thoughts on those damnable buttons, and now that I seem a bit less tense and annoyed when I open pages on the Second Life web site, I’m still stuck asking my original question. That being: “Am I Okay?”

In today’s world where everyone else seems to genuinely need those buttons before they can properly adopt and interact with a web site, in a society in which my tiniest opinion on the most useless of decisions is apparently worthy of tracking, logging and tabulating continuously (in real-time even!) .. in a world in which those people I interact with seem to need my approval for every little thing they put out into the public eye, am I okay that I really don’t give a damn?

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  1. Ima on Mon, 2nd Jun 2014 1:46 PM
  2. A delightful read! Of course the fact that just beneath the closing there is a Facebook Like button makes it even more delightful 🙂

    Long time no see, hope you are doing well.