I Have Dreams

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The Explosion of a DreamI first came to Second Life at the suggestion of a good friend. (She’s still listed in my profile.) Upon arriving, and after gaining some basic skills that allowed me to build and script and design, I started NOT seeing it as a game or a virtual world. I stopped seeing the user interface, the jagged edges on rendered shapes, the glitches and hitches that pepper the experience. I started seeing it as a canvas, blank and wide and inviting me to color upon it anything I wished.

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The Beauty of Live Art

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Live Art as Duet DanceMy apologies if the title of this piece has misled you. My goal in today’s post is to point out a method of software and systems development that is proven to work very well for all parties involved. It’s been given lots of names over the years, none of them formal. In fact the whole approach is rather informal; probably much of the reason for its lack of exposure and use. (Management doesn’t like “informal” things, they’re too hard to quantify.)

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The Tolerable Annoyance Spectrum

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It's No BullYou keep looking at the guy, waiting for him to really explode into a million pieces. He’s pissed off. He’s making a scene. And he has clearly maxed out the Tolerable Annoyance Spectrum at this store. You can see it written all over the faces of the Customer Service people trying to keep him calm. No matter how good they are at acting, it’s obvious to everyone watching that they are quite truly done with his childish antics. Before long Security shows up and promotes him to “Departing Ex-customer.” So what is this thing called “Tolerable Annoyance Spectrum” and why does it matter to you?

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Safe Handling of Internet Files

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Safe Handling of Internet FilesIt’s pretty common these days to hear of data breaches, virus infections and computers essentially hobbled by malware stuffed in every corner of the hard drive. I’ve found that a lot of the reason these things happen is because people lack basic knowledge of how things work. With some background information, I’ve also found that people learn rapidly not to expose themselves to risks and threats. Since I’m a lazy cuss and I’ve grown weary of teaching the world one measly human at a time … I wrote this post.

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I had an idea : Fighting Cancer

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I was busy doing stuff and half-watching TV. A commercial for a national Cancer Treatment Center came on and caught my attention. It gave me an idea. So I asked my oldest son to put something together and this is what he did:

Cancer - Can Survive

Cancer? Can Survive!

Please feel free to distribute this animated GIF free of charge and without limitation.


A Troubleshooting Tip

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NOW WHAT?!?We’ve all run into this situation: While wandering around Second Life the viewer suddenly and inexplicably exits or crashes. Kaa-BOOM! No safety net, just straight to the Desktop or worse … The Dreaded Blue Screen of DEATH!! Gahhhhh!!!

So you mumble under your breath, count to 10 then launch the viewer again. And thus begins a many-day adventure of near continuous crashes. No matter what you are doing from then on, things just will not seem to work properly again. What is going on?

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Return of the Teleporter Store ~ With a Twist

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New Teleporter Store on Midnight OasisSome months ago I was forced to close the last of my In-World locations. Thanks to the good graces of a long-time SL Friend, I’ve been allowed to open a small parcel on the Midnight Oasis region owned by Island Oasis Properties. But this time I’m going at things from a slightly different angle.

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Of Calendars, Carts and Horses

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carts and calendarsOne of the things that most annoys people is when their personal schedule gets disrupted. We all have our own personal schedule; it’s pointless to try and deny it. Many of us carry ours around at the ends of our arms (cleverly concealed as a portable communications device … Mwaahahahahaaa!)

Another hot button for people is this issue of Respect. Gosh! Here is the USA it’s almost state law in some places that you get shot for disrespecting someone. (Okay, maybe I’m stretching just a wee bit … sorry.)

Is It So Much To Ask?

So is it really that much to ask that Linden Lab pay attention to our Personal Calendars AND show us some Respect by giving us:

  • Proper Tools in Advance
  • Proper Notice
  • A chance to Comment on the Schedule

… Apparently so. Never mind. Just an old curmudgeon being curmudgeonly today.

Viewer Managed Marketplace Released: Congrats Linden Lab

slm-main-pageI’ve just received notice via email that my Marketplace Store has begun and completed migration to the new Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM). Of course I can’t log in and view the results because I have this thing against installing “pre-release” software on my computer. But I’m not worried; Linden Lab surely wouldn’t have done the migration if it wasn’t 100% fully tested and proven fool-proof.

I’d write more but I haven’t time just now. I have my shoes and socks on .. if I can just get my pants on, I’ll be out of here to run some errands.

Linden Lab is NOT the Government

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It really should not need to be stated so bluntly, but apparently it is … so there it is. And why is it there? Because massive upheavals in the American culture have suddenly cast an extremely negative spotlight on one specific chapter of our societal history. Tensions are so high, sensibility is so low, that any happenstance sighting of a particular symbol can cause otherwise right-thinking people to go absolutely nutty.

The symbol? The Confederate Battle Flag.

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