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The Explosion of a DreamI first came to Second Life at the suggestion of a good friend. (She’s still listed in my profile.) Upon arriving, and after gaining some basic skills that allowed me to build and script and design, I started NOT seeing it as a game or a virtual world. I stopped seeing the user interface, the jagged edges on rendered shapes, the glitches and hitches that pepper the experience. I started seeing it as a canvas, blank and wide and inviting me to color upon it anything I wished.

Painting My First Picture

At first I only spent time building simple and static things. Primitives, or Prims as they are called, were the ends of my reach. I put them together in new ways, textured them with whatever struck my fancy. I built things. I sucked at it. LOL

But then I discovered scripting in Second Life. I found I could color all over new places on that giant empty canvas. I learned how to make things do things. I learned how to talk among the things. I learned. And I did not suck at it.

The Creeping Darkness Arrives

One day, while eavesdropping on one of my favorite scripting groups, I overheard a few people discussing changes that were coming at us … and coming up fast. It seemed that Linden Lab had taken over management of a very popular Virtual Goods sales outlet and was planning on revamping it in ways that simply made no sense. At least it made no sense to me.

It was like a tiny dark spot of shadow that obscured part of my canvas. It was useless in its existence, but nonetheless could neither be denied or ignored. It threatened to change the way I enjoyed my time in Second Life. And so I did something about it.

Fast Forward

These days I no longer see the Virtual World of Second Life. I no longer see the canvas either. I see the shadow spreading further and further across the landscape. A shadow that really has no purpose, no meaning, no benefit that I can determine. And all it does is continue to force more and more dreams, more and more creative spirits into a darkness that stifles everything beautiful about them.

There is a new canvas in the planning now. It is planned to throw out all the bad in the old canvas, keep and reinforce all that was good, and bring once again the light and width and expanse of the creative platform upon which so many previous dreams were built.

But can they? Can they really do that? Knowing nothing about what they have now, understanding even less of what they need to preserve, having no clue why people came to Second Life and fell in love with it … Can they really do what they intend?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments please …

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