Firestorm VMM – An Early Look

Firestorm VMMThe possible next┬áversion of the Firestorm Viewer for Second Life (and Open-Sim grids) has been released into the dedicated testing community, and from all indications things are looking very positive. To be honest, my personal experience with this release candidate version has been so smooth and delightful that I’m left with only positive comments.

Stuff That’s New

Of course this version contains support for the new Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM) feature. I haven’t been able to give it a full run-up yet, but it looks like the Marketplace Listings floater in the Linden Lab SL Viewer. (I used the SL Viewer to add six products as documented in my earlier post “Adding My First Viewer Managed Marketplace Item“.)

A really nice feature that I enjoy is Firestorm’s ability to “sleep” a Group Chat. In this new release they have extended that to allow a custom sleep period. Prior versions just automatically muted the Group Chat for 900 seconds (15 minutes). Now you can set a different default time and also enter a custom time when you click the sleep button on a Group Chat window.

Worth Drooling Over

There are a lot of other fixes, additions and as usual the high quality work product that typifies the Phoenix group. Suffice to say that I am again pleased. I am also again reminded that it really IS possible to do software development the right way. If only a certain other company would decide to study others a bit, I am sure things would get much happier around the Grid.

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