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VLMlogo2I mentioned in a recent post about the use of the HyperMenu product on my new (and still a-building) in-world store. I also made mention of the fact that the Virtual Landmarks for the previous Teleporter Store had been updated to the new locations. That means anyone owning a VLM (Virtual Landmark) to my old store can now use it to teleport directly to the new store. As the true idiot I am sometimes, it completely escaped me to build VLM support into the HyperMenu product line. But I got smart(er).

Virtual Landmarks and HyperMenu

HyperMenu Pro v1.0 LogoThe HyperMenu and HyperMenu Pro products give your customers a quick and easily understood method of teleporting to any location in the entire Second Life grid, or opening a specific web page on the Internet. The basic HyperMenu version allows one menu configuration that may contain up to 12 buttons. Each button may be a web page URL or a SLurl. (SLurls are created by the SL Viewer and TPVs and can be copied from the World Map using the “Copy Slurl” function.)

The HyperMenu Pro product extends the basic product by allowing multiple menu configurations to be loaded. Each menu has its own display image, description and up to 12 button definitions. Just like HyperMenu, HyperMenu Pro buttons can contain either a web page URL or a SLurl.

But now both products have been extended to include Virtual Landmarks using the VLMVW product line from DGP4SL. Why does that matter and how can it help?

Eternal Change

Not only are we human beings prone to changing our minds, but the entirety of Second Life is an endless parade of changes. When one of those changes forces you to move things around it can have some horrific and drastic effects on your customers and your business. Landmarks, teleport boards, HUDs and all other devices meant to help guide your customers to your store and products … are suddenly wrong. Possibly so massively wrong that they won’t ever be able to find you again.

Virtual Landmarks are the solution of course. Instead of setting and giving out the standard Landmarks that die and go stale, you can hand out Virtual Landmarks. When you have to move a Virtual Landmark’s destination, you simply update it (using the HUD or the Beacon). Once updated, anyone using the old Virtual Landmark will still arrive at the new destination.

Mixing the Two

You can include a standard SLurl as the destination for a HyperMenu button, but if you have to move things around then you’ll have to go back and reconfigure everything. Blech! Instead you can include a VLM as the button’s destination. Now your HyperMenu configuration remains the same no matter how much you have to move things around. Ahhh .. much better.

Here is part of an example HyperMenu configuration that shows the use of standard SLurls:

b7=Memorial Prk,http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Linden%20Memorial%20Park/128/128/2
b11=Derran Moor,http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Derran%20Moor/128/128/2

Now let’s replace those static destinations with flexible and easily updated Virtual Landmarks:

b7=Level 1,http://vlmvw.com/vlm/P6N5Av/1038
b8=Level 2,http://vlmvw.com/vlm/P6N5Av/1039
b9=Level 3,http://vlmvw.com/vlm/P6N5Av/1040
b10=Level 4,http://vlmvw.com/vlm/P6N5Av/1041

(Note that the VLMs shown above are to the new DGP4SL store and not to the Linden Lab owned locations shown in the above SLurls.)

The above VLM links are copied directly from the publicly visible list of my Virtual Landmarks. I simply right-clicked on each one, chose “Copy Link” and then pasted it into the text.

Updating a VLM Destination

You have two very easy options if you have to move a destination. The first option is purely manual; you temporarily put on the VLMVW HUD, go to the new destination then use the HUD menus to update the VLM’s location. The second option is nearly automatic; you simply drop a VLMVW Beacon on the new destination then set it with the desired VLM and Location info. As you move the Beacon, the VLM’s Location will automatically update.

When you combine Virtual Landmarks with the HyperMenu Pro system, you will be able to install and configure Directory Boards, Web Access Boards, Teleport Boards, or any other type of “click to visit” devices you might want. Best of all, if you have to move your store or even just rearrange things, all the Landmarks in your boards will be current because … they are Virtual Landmarks.

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