Rental Beam is now Reborn!

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Rental Beam Reborn
Making money as a Second Life Landlord is a touchy business. The community of Second Landlords is populated with the entire range from giant holding companies all the way down to individuals just making the rent on a Sim Server. But all of them (the smart ones anyway) use some sort of Rental System. And all of them need a way to advertise what they have for rent.

Rental Beam to the Rescue

If you are a Landlord in Second Life then you’ve got to be looking for a better way to make your property visible to potential Tenants. You’ve already invested in one of the two most popular rental management systems: hippoRENT from Hippo-Tech or CasperLet from CasperTech/Casper Warden. The rental system handles most of the annoying detail work, but why not make it also do your advertising for you? Why not use its automatic functions to list your available rentals on the Internet? Why not? Because Rental Beam can do it for you.

Accurate Live Listings

Your rental system keeps track of which properties are available, rented, locked or the like. But that vital information is kept hidden, visible only to you and your management team. Rental Beam frees that information, breaks it loose and takes it to the people that need it most: Your Potential Tenants. All you need to do is add some simple HTML text to a web page on your site. Every time someone visits that page, Rental Beam will replace the HTML with a complete list of all your available rental properties. Automatically. Instantly. Without doing a thing, your Tenants will always view an up-to-date list of your available property.

Rental Beam List Format

Seeing Is Believing

Knowing exactly where a rental property is located can also help secure a new Tenant. Rental Beam has you covered there too. The most recent Region Map is displayed when a visitor to your web site hovers their mouse over the listing. There is even a beacon showing the exact location of the rental box.

Rental Beam Region Map

Click -N- Go!

Best of all, renters can immediately visit your Rental Property just by clicking the shortcut link on every listing.

Click to Visit from Rental Beam

No Website of Your Own?

Rental Beam even has you covered if you don’t have the desire to build your own web site. With our special “Hosted Pages” feature, Rental Beam gives you web pages for your Live Rental Listings. Customize the page, add your own Logo Image, provide custom text (for rental requirements, policies, etc.) and even include links to your Social Profiles. You can even limit the properties listed to one of the custom Rental Beam Land Groups you create.

DGP4SL Sample Hosted Page – CasperLet Controlled Parcels

The Really Big News!

There’s much more to tell you about the rebirth of Rental Beam. We’re so excited, we can’t wait to lay them out slowly. So here’s a quick list of the major new features in one place:

  • Supports both CasperLet and hippoRENT – Rental Beam v2.2 now supports both the old standard hippoRENT™ and the new standard CasperLet™ systems in the same full-feature package. No matter which system you use, or even if you use both, you only need Rental Beam to cover all of your automation needs.
  • Buy-Once, Use-Forever Pricing – Rental Beam v2.2 is now a one-time purchase system. You pay one price for the entire system. You get an unlimited number of Rental Boxes in that one price. No more subscriptions. No more counting rental boxes. Pay once and use forever.
  • Reduced Price – Not only did we do away with subscriptions and per-box pricing, but we greatly reduced the overall system price. Now you can get the entire Rental Beam system for much less than the original price.
  • Enhanced Management Features – We’ve done a lot of work to make your job a lot easier. New Mass-Delete lets you quickly handle those really annoying big jobs. Errors and Exceptions reports show you exactly which of your rental boxes are working properly and which need attention. CasperLet system owners can even directly open the CL Unit Management web page just by clicking on a single icon in Rental Beam!
  • Much Much More – Rental Beam will continue to grow. The features added are a direct result of the excellent feedback from our customers. Join the ranks of happy Rental Beam Owners today and make your job 1000% easier!

The Super Big News!!!

And finally, the really super big, couldn’t wait any longer NEWS!

Rental Beam is on sale now for only L$795!

Rental Beam at SLM

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