The Lowly Slide Show

Your first day in Second Life is generally spent trying not to run into things or other people. The second day is spent in open-mouthed wonderment at all the STUFF to be seen, touched, used and just plain experienced. After that you start realizing how much like “The Jetsons” Second Life can be. But for most of us, every day from the first onward is spent in the company of someone we know well. Family, friends, beneficial acquaintances … whatever the relationship, chances are good you will find moments you wish to keep forever. Presto! The size of your SnapShots folder starts to grow.

Keeping the Memories

I might be different, but from all the people I’ve spoken with, I think not. Most everyone I’ve met has somewhere in their Inventory several collections of snapshots taken at special times for special reasons. But once the pics are taken, they tend to just lay there in your Inventory. Unless you have a Slide Show.

Replaying the Memories

Rare is the household, abode, cave or hangout that can’t be improved with moving art on the walls. A Slide Show is exactly that; living art that tells a story and brings back wonderful memories. All you need do is put all the images into the Slide Show, position it where desired, and your home decor has just taken a giant leap forward.

Sharing the Memories

If you happen to have purchased the right Slide Show then you can also share those memories with those that helped make them. Or you can share them with everyone you know. Of course the “right” Slide Show is one of those sold by DGP4SL. (Yes, you’ve been lured into yet another product plug. *grin*)

The DGP4SL Slide Show

The first time I saw a Slide Show in Second Life, I immediately got the appeal … and also got annoyed. Every picture was set to display for just a few seconds. With my computer and internet connection as they were, by the time the picture started coming into focus it was time for the next picture. I just couldn’t see any of the images clearly. So I figured out a way to fix that.

It also occurred to me that people like to share things. When you’ve had a great day out and about with folks, you’d like to be able to share the images that capture the day. The DGP4SL Slide Shows are sold “Full Perm” … sort of. You can load one with full perm Textures then give copies to as many people as you want. The people receiving those copies won’t be able to modify the Slide Show, making them perfect for wedding albums, greeting cards, as well as the usual family event collections.

1-Prim Slide Show Insta-FlipThe 1-Prim Slide Shows

There are two different types of DGP4SL 1-Prim Slide Show; they differ only in the way one picture is replaced by the next. The original “Insta-Flip” version instantly replaces the current image with a fully rezzed and in-focus next image. The transition is instant with virtually no loading time or gray fuzzy blobs.

1-Prim Slide Show Fade2BlackPeople started asking me if I would make a similar 1-Prim Slide Show that would slowly fade from the current image into the next. Thus was born the cousin “Fade To Black” version.

Both versions sell for L$75 on the SL Marketplace. They are copyable, so you only need to purchase one … ever. (Unless you want both Insta-Flip and Fade To Black versions.) You can load a Slide Show with images then set it out for display. You can update it by adding or removing images at any time. And if you wish, you can give copies to others. (They won’t be able to change their copy though; you can only change the copy you keep.)

The 2-Panel Slide Show

2-panel Slide ShowThere are also times when you want a side-by-side display of your image collection. The solution is the 2-Panel Slide Show sold for L$125, also on the SL Marketplace. You can select the desired display sequence from a number of different options, and it uses the same Insta-Flip technology that makes the 1-Prim Slide Shows so popular.

Common Features

All three versions are provided as Copy/Mod/Transfer objects. That means you only need to buy it once, you can then keep it around and use it forever. The script in each one is optimized for extremely low lag. They are also easy to configure. All you need to do is drop the desired Textures into the Contents tab. Complete instructions are included in the package.

Set Your Memories Free!

Now that you know how to properly display your photo collections, it’s time to get on over to the Marketplace and pick up one of the DGP4SL Slide Shows. Or better yet, get all three!

Visit the DGP4SL Store on SL Marketplace


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