Meeting People in Second Life

Meeting People in Second Life - The Great OnesI’ve been using Second Life since 2008. In fact, my Profile tells me that I’m over seven years old! GACK! No wonder my animations move slower these days.

“You Met Who?”

Despite my advanced age, one of the events that still makes my fingers tremble and my typing take on a slightly wordier aspect is being able to meet and chat with someone that has a long history and a well-known impact. I go from seasoned Oldbie to nervous and quaking Newbie. There are times in my history where I’ve been known to say¬†things that made less sense than I would make babbling at an elevator car full of beauty queens .. all intent on learning my life story.

Meeting People Again – For the first time

I’ve also run into folks that I knew (at the time) in real life. Some I’ve lost touch with and only discovered who they were by accident or serendipity. Point of fact, the lady that introduced me to Second Life was someone I’d come to know nearly a decade earlier. When we finally met again in 2007-08, it was easy to return to a level of comfort and ease.

The Great Ones

Meeting People - The Great Ones

But by far and away those encounters that still rattle my cage and make me feel insignificant are those with people that “everyone knows”. And yet, almost without exception, those Great Ones that I have met have been beyond cordial and respectful. Most of them made me feel like the one of import.

Of course there are exceptions, but they are very small in number in comparison to those Oldbies that have treated me with a high degree of deference. The real lesson to learn is that even the most intimidating and storied people .. in Second Life even they are approachable. Of course that depends on HOW you approach them too.

Your Stories

Rules for Meeting PeopleNow it’s your turn. Tell us about the Great Ones you’ve met, how it made you react … and how you felt after the encounter. (No names please) We’d all like to know, maybe in hopes we don’t react the same way ourselves. *grin*

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